Jan 19
  • Restaurants


When thinking of food in Kigali, the first thing that comes to mind is the famed ‘Brochette ‘an assortment of roasted meat on a stick. Since I was out and about I figured i'd try a few places out.


As one that loves Indian cuisine, this was a treat. It’s a beautiful space and the food was great. I had some Naan, butter chicken and some type of lentil dish I can’t remember. Anyone that can make lentils taste that good is winning in my book.


Choma’D has got great ambience, views and cocktails going for them. The food however left a lot to be desired and the service the first night I was there was pretty poor, a theme I’ve noticed in most establishments out here. Our waiter the next day during lunch was alright.The food lacked any morsel of seasoning and the portions rather small, that burger wasn’t going to do so I ordered some ribs; again no salt and most were just fat. The beer was good though.


My Anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns Hun……. I couldn’t resist. Right next to Inkoko is Got Buns and I do declare these are some of the best burgers I’ve ever had. I’ve actually found a place that made me eat pickles! That right there is a feat. They’ve got a burger challenge; if you can finish 5 big double patty burgers, 5 large fries and one 1.5 liter coke, the meal is free, you get a t shirt and your picture on their wall of fame, currently there are only two winners, an Asian guy and another guy that looked like he had a coronary right after the pic was taken.


After gallivanting with horses all day, we raced to Got Buns but sadly found it closed so we went on over next door. It’s a fried chicken joint an alternative to KFC if you will. My chicken sandwich was plentiful and the fries good. A pretty decent place with good music and very clean bathrooms. What more do you need?


I had dinner at their Kigali city tower location and after being ignored for a better part of 20 minutes, a friendly waiter came through just in time as Alex and I were contemplating a signal fire with their breakfast menus or something. I had a Chicken Caesar Salad and a white chocolate and cookies milkshake that was surprisingly devoid of any sweetness, so weird, so strange and so good! I really liked it. My salad was just way too leafy though. The airport branch is pretty luck luster. I really didn’t understand the point of you to be honest. Your all round shitty service and general lack of customer care is disturbing. You’d think being in an airport, an international hub, you’d understand the sense of urgency in getting customers what they’ve ordered for. People it isn’t worth the hassle, wait for your free juice or whatever on the plane.


A modern chic beach themed sports bar and restaurant. Pili Pili is nice, one of those here to be seen type places. Clearly some thought was put into the place. I enjoyed a lovely mojito overlooking the pool and an epic view of Kigali. I didn’t try the food but the cocktails were good.


Meze Fresh was definitely one of my favorites. It’s a Mexican food joint offering Burritos, quesadillas, tacos, nachos, salad, smoothies and cocktails. My quesadillas were cheesy delicious, cocktails strong and the staff absolutely pleasant to look at, y’all are fine!


I’m saving the best for last on this one. Inka; a fine dining steak house is about as close to perfection you can get to, I was willing to overlook that weird maroon festive cloth you had on your pillars. I hope that’s gone now. This place could teach the others a thing or two about great service. My favorite bit was our waiter bringing a display of the different cuts of steak they have on offer .I opted for the trio of filet mignon, sirloin and rib eye and what was the best sangria I’ve ever had! Not one bit of the bread basket and my plate were left uneaten, even the garnish didn’t survive because it was all so damn good. This was obviously a favorite. I shall be back.

Alex made fun of how I always declared I wasn’t going to finish my meals only for them to be completely decimated. I really did enjoy eating my way through the city. Good food, y’all don’t skimp on cheese and your beers are just the perfect amount of cold. I just wish the service would match. Regardless, my cheeks are swollen, my waistline in distress and my heart good and happy. That’s what I’m taking with me. X