Sep 19
  • Restaurants


Having settled into the hotel for the night I made my way to the very comfortable space that is the restaurant with serious anticipation for what was in store for me especially after the kitchen tour I’d had earlier courtesy of No.5’s Head Chef Derrick.The kitchen is clean the chefs all very friendly.The pantry was a level of neat and organized that brought great satisfaction to my brain.

As someone that’s down right militant about about folding and organizing I was pleased.This kitchen is all about innovative advanced technique,beautiful ingredient type cooking and Chef Derrick showed me how some of the gadgets like The sous vide machine and dehydrator work. I got to sample some dehydrated kale, it was crispy and delicious. It was fascinating seeing all those things I’ve only ever seen on Food Network.

Dinner at the hotel is either a 3 course set menu at 38$ or a 2 course set menu at 33$. With my sparkling wine twinkling away and some great suggestions from Brett the General manager I opted for the Cauliflower appetizer, Pork belly main and white chocolate mousse.

With The appetizer I must say I’ve never had cauliflower that good and juicy.That’s the  beauty with sous vide cooking; a method that involves low temperature long time cooking.The intent of which is to ensure the inside is properly cooked without over cooking the outside and retain moisture. Boy was that cauliflower moist! Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d be using.My favorite bit of the dish was the black garlic which chef had showed me earlier, it takes eons to prepare. I could taste the effort. So good!

Before the main came a gin&tonic sorbet pallet cleanser. Now i fancy myself a gin connoisseur of sorts, in my head mostly, so hear me when I tell you this made my day.It was fun, cleansing and left me smiling sheepishly .As you can probably tell I am easily amused.The key is keeping me that way.

For the main the pork belly was melt in the mouth goodness you don’t get everywhere. I’ve had  pork belly only once before with some ramen. It was good. This however was great. The pomme(potatoes for you and me) purée was as smooth as it should be and that Jus! The interesting bits were the crackling which was a first for me. Someone needs to put these at my local supermarket and take all my money. The baby leeks, have I found my new favorite vegetable?!

It was also at this point the lovely supervisor Diana asked for my key for turn down service... that’s actually a thing . I mean I’ve heard of it on Faulty Towers or something . It’s never been done for me. Till now that is. It's essentially the practice of hotel staff turning down your bed and linen preparing the bed for use. Remember what I said about keeping me amused? Well this lot are winning. It’s the little things.

Dessert was a white affair. Very aesthetically pleasing. I must confess I’m not really a dessert person but I do appreciate a good one from time to time. This was one of those. I really enjoyed the mousse. It had a cheesecake (my favorite) texture. The sorbet complemented it well. The pickled cucumber was different and gave a nice crunch. I didn’t quite understand the rye dusting. It reminded me of coconut shavings the clawing nature of which I truly loathe while the lemon veloute was far too bitter. Skirting around  those two the rest of the dessert went down a treat.

This truly was a very pleasant dining experience. From the attention to detail of the soft cushy bread rolls, exquisitely prepared food, pallet cleanser all the way down to the attentive wait staff particularly Simon.

Dining at No5 will not disappoint. It is worth the visit and more. If you’re looking to be properly and attentively wined and dined this is the place for you.

When dinner was done I sauntered  back to my robe and slippers already missing the epic food that was.