Jan 20
  • Restaurants


After a good track record of exercise, 3 weeks in Kenya have destroyed any semblance of a waistline I may have had. It was worth it though. If you’re ever in Nairobi here’s a few places you could try.


This chic café isn’t only beautifully put together and aesthetically pleasing, the food is equally great. The pork bao buns ,a first for me, were delicious while the chicken wings are quite possibly the best I’ve ever had. The real highlight for me was the raw tuna Buddha bowl .I would  recommend the steak and salmon Buddha bowl as well, do watch out for the chili in the salmon bowl though.

Urban Burger.

I love a good burger, finding a great one though continues to elude me on most days. Thankfully Urban Burger didn’t disappoint. Going in on a Monday by myself, I didn’t partake in the buy one get one free special as the free one must be consumed on the premises. I did have the cheese burger and milkshake combo promo. Those onion rings, so good! These guys are serious about their burgers, if I could I’d have them on a regular.

News Café.

With a weird happy hour where drinks are discounted by 2/3rds (how I was supposed to calculate that with my terrible math was beyond me) News Café at Sarit Centre has their décor down to a T. Their Maitais are good while the chicken Caesar salad was very enjoyable.Not much of a dessert or milkshake selection but there’s still plenty to choose from.

Charlie Bistro

Their strawberry ice tea is absolutely second to none. Seriously, I haven’t enjoyed an ice tea as much as I did this one. Witchcraft! My pasta was plentiful and aldente, just how I like it.Very generous portion,I took some home. Hear me when I tell you that pasta slaps different at 2:00am with some Netflix.

Java House

It’s no secret the entire Java house franchise in Uganda is terrible in every sense of the word. Bad food and even worse service. The only saving grace is the coffee, a tiny silver lining in that black hole. Their Kenyan counter parts however have really figured out what they are doing.I mostly had breakfast here and fell in love with their savory breakfast croissants.Their breakfast burritos are pretty good as well. I like you Javas KE,I like you very much.

Big Square.

I didn’t actually go to any of their establishements despite one being right by my place. Thanks to the godsend that is the Glovo App, I had all the Big Square my heart desired. Their burgers! oh god I miss them so much! The house sauce they slather on them is out of this world .Their full breakfast is nice as well and will leave you good and full for a long while.

J’s Fresh Kitchen.

J’s vibe is exactly what I look for in an establishment when I’m looking to eat out. The music is good. That indie playlist was the one for me. arriving at happy hour I gleefully drowned in their Tanquery cocktails.I had what was some excellent food ranging from their mushroom soup, grilled chicken strip salad. Then there’s their pizza,I love a Napoli pizza and this particular one made my life. Tuesday had a buy one get one free special.

Mama Nyama

This was a favorite. What they advertise on Instagram is exactly what they offer.it’s so colorful and vibrant in here and our waiter was unbelievably pleasant. Lynette and I were pretty ravenous  so we ordered us a spread. Coconut calamari, lamb ribs, chicken quesadillas, masala chips and a green salad.Your girls ATE! 0 complaints on all fronts. I did try some Tusker cider. It’s a firm no for me, like what on earth is that? I didn’t like it at all,a shame since I love and live for some cider .Look out for the hot air balloon basket inside along with all the décor, it’s the coolest thing you’ll see all day.


Carnivore. This isn’t just a restaurant, it’s an experience. So good I went twice! Looking to have the best game meat extravaganza? Please look no further. Opting for the 3 course menu; the soup starter of Amaranth(Still dont know what this is) and sweet potato blew my mind! Yeah,a soup did that, along with the freshly baked bread and obscenely rich butter that came with it, moving on to the serious business that is the main,a selection of salads including a beetroot, carrot and raisin that was  to die for and sauces including garlic, tomato relish, chili, mint and wild berry to go with the selection of meats. One by one the meats start to come through; beef sausage, honey glazed ribs, ostrich meatballs, ostrich gizzard, crocodile, beef, chicken, rabbit, turkey, lamb!

Ya’ll I ate, I strongly suggest you come here with a 40 days and nights in the desert type hunger. This is an all you can eat type situation. They stop serving you once you put your flag down in defeat. My favorites were the ostrich gizzard and crocodile.They were done so well, the joy! On my second visit I tried ox testicals! Very strange textute.Like you’re eating something you know damn well has no business being in your mouth.it’s edible though, once!

For dessert I had the crème brulee and pineapple tart. Stick to these two ,the others save for the passion fruit cheese cake aren’t all that.Another winning factor are the cocktails particularly the mojitos and of course the Dawa. Funfact: this is the birth place of the Dawa cocktail, meaning medicine in Swahili, it consists of honey, lime, white sugar ,ice and vodka .It truly is what the doctor ordered. If you’re into Irish whisky this is the place for you. The theatre that is the waiter mixing it up alone is worth it. This is truly one of the best places to dine in Nairobi.

One observation I’ve made and love about Nairobi cocktails is how well made they are, they aren’t watered down or anything. Also there’s a strong abundance of beef bacon, such a weird and tasty concept.

Some not so honorable mentions go to Burger king at Two Rivers for an incredibly bad burger. King!? You are nobody’s king. Brew Bistro, lovely mojitos, terrible Buddha bowls particularly the tofu ones. Bad, just bad. But the worst is Pauls café at the airport. Zero sense of urgency where there surely should be some. Over priced salads consisting of burnt to hell bread crumbs and overly dressed lettuce with a tub of more dressing on the side. I was overwhelmed. Lets never cross paths again.

Nairobi, you’ve fattened me up good and proper and left me constantly craving you. What’s a girl to do?