What a time to be alive! Covid-19 has ravaged the globe leaving us all in quarantine mode. Uganda is on a 32 day quarantine and with the way things are going we might go into total lock down. we can only hope it doesn’t and things get better. that being said I figured I’d embark on some last minute pampering before going back to my hermit like existence. A massage was definitely in order. Sadly the Vanilla Spa my go to establishment for years is no more. as such I haven’t felt the soothing touch of a masseuse in eons. this had to change immediately. the universe in agreement sent Activate my way through was just kismet!

Activate isn’t a Spa, it’s a wellness centre offering physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, infa red therapy, personal training, yoga and Pilates classes. they offer three types of massages; Swedish, Deep Tissue and Aromatherapy. I arrived for my 12:45 appointment on time despite my boda guy’s attempts at sabotage. I was stressed! I met Sandra the proprietor and we got to chatting for a few minutes while the last appointment concluded. Very pleasant lady that Sandra. A few minutes later my masseuse for the day Christine ushered me into the space. It’s a homely spacious enough single room. on display are acupuncture charts and essential oils & candles for was nice, I liked it. It being a hot day and no fan in sight I was worried I’d boil. i didn’t. once you settle in, de clutter your mind and relax its very cool and dark enough in there.i’d never had a Swedish massage before so I opted for that. it was incredible! Christine has the hands of a goddess! honestly I could lay there all day. i especially liked the, for lack of a better term, eucalyptus or pine scented eye mask thing blocking out the light. if you’re ever selling those holla!

This was totally worth me coming all the way across town. i didn’t want it to end but hey, even the best dancer must leave the stage at some or whatever it is my friend Ghile said, still cracks me up every time. Christine has got technique! You have to come down here and see& experience what I’m talking about for yourself. when it was done I took my happy and unclenched self over to Yamasen for some herbal tea. this seemed like the perfect way to finish a fabulous afternoon.

Please note there are no shower facilities for you to prune after your massage. Christine did a great job wiping away all the excess massage oil. in the end I smelt divine and was very well moisturized. Thank you Activate. You’ll definitely be seeing me again.i’d love to try some acupuncture.