Dec 18
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Ghile invited me out for the weekend; a godsend as my behind was looking mighty idle but not so disorderly that fine Friday night.The event; Aka Dope Homecoming.
Aka Dope is a monthly event happening every first Friday. The initiative is the brain child of Kemiyindo Courtinho. She started the initiative to provide a platform for different local artists to showcase their talent. It features a mixed bag of performances from musicians, painters, poets and actors. This sounded like something right up my alley so I was definitely down.
We got to the venue, Kurb at about 8:45 ish. Walking in the first thing one encounters is the food and bar section, Nice! Libations acquired, we found a nice dark corner, my favorite kind, next to the stage and joined the party that was well underway.

The Aka Dope band is really good! They did some songs and folk dances from different parts of Uganda that had the crowd really going.They were joined by two rappers, Lagum and JWats at different intervals.

Lagum had some great bars though I did enjoy JWats a little more, I find Lugaflow (rap in the Luganda dialect) when done well is very enjoyable, good on you sir! Just before stepping off the band some Sauti Sol renditions along with popular Nigerian tunes that had us dancing up a storm. Just after 10pm, the show was done.

Aka Dope is just that, Dope! Great music, great energy, a good crowd, lots of dancing and laughter all of which I’m always down for. I’d  love to catch a few more in the future.
Ghile,Thank you . X