Yesterday,Josh asked me to go see a band with him at The Embers bar.It being a Friday I figured why not and agreed,I hadn’t seen a live band in a while and he’s always a good time.

I’d tried to find The Embers a couple of months back in vain so it was nice to actually find out where the place was.

I noticed a poster at the gate with two guys and a woman..looking closer I recognized her,Nazizi from Necessary Noise,a Kenyan Duo from a while back,don’t think they’re still a thing.

Now when I was in high school,Necessary Noise; Nazizi and Wyre the Love Child were the business! I absolutely loved them.Eventually they joined forces with Uganda’s own Bebe Cool forming the East African Bashment crew.They were everything and more,their music is still gold as far as I’m concerned.

I’d never seen her perform so I was excited.

I thought I was here to see the usual live band experience,loud and groovy,nice enough or one of those “Banange Sibawulira” type concerts, Ummm, excuse me,I paid you to entertain me,what do you mean you can’t hear me?

Akoyo is a duo band with a Ugandan,Akoyo(the band is named after him) who goes by the Afrikane social media wise on vocals and a Norwegian, Olve Flake on the guitar (I’m not sure about the spelling) based in Oslo Norway. Their bassist and pianist weren’t able to make it but the stand ins were good.

The event was sponsored by Bill and Becks promotions and East African records who made the Akoyo-Nazizi collaboration work.Josh knows Akoyo from high school and was out here to support.

The band was supposed to start at 7pm but with people not getting there on time mostly on account of how bad traffic was the band didn’t start till after 10pm.

To fill the time I busied myself with The Embers cocktail menu,very creative I must say,I was particularly partial to the Concord,ginger infused aged rum and pineapple juice.delicious,that and meeting up new people and what not,Met a really good photographer, Kago, whose been kind enough to let me use some of his photos.The DJ was good as well.

Eventually we were ushered into this section where the band had set up.for seats we had benches,the agony! Although it didn’t really matter anyway cause that performance had us all on our feet!

The Mc of the night was Tumu Siime,a comedian I normally see on social media doing impersonations,his Mugabe ones on Facebook are pretty funny.i had a chance to have a conversation with him later in night and he seemed cool.out here making friends everywhere I go.

Since the band was starting late the MC went about introducing Akoyo and the fun began.

Akoyo describes their songs as truth telling music.They were in Uganda on tour doing a few performances in Kampala and charity concerts in Mityana and Kasese.

The songs were good,Akoyo is very charismatic and his energy levels were infectious,he had us all swaying and trying to sing along. His song ‘Hip Hop saved my life’ was good,I would have enjoyed it more if the lady next to me didn’t feel the need to change the lyrics form ‘Hip Hop saved my life’ to ‘Jesus saved my life’! All loud and in my direction. Honestly!

Along with the bands songs,they also did a cover of Swangs avenues ‘Mr.DJ’ with Akoyo’s brother Charles.Best rendition ever!

And just as we were recovering from it ,Akoyo goes hard on that Mans Not Hot jam! And the crowd went wild.

Then it was time for Nazizi,she’s definitely still got it!She did all the old jams,Jump and shout,Bless my room,Kenyan girl-Kenyan boy.It was amazing!

Akoyo and Nazizi did their collaboration,No falling which was also the hashtag of the night,T shirts with the hashtag we’re also sold at 25,000ugx.

Van Data,an artist I’m not familiar with joined Nazizi and they did a collabo,it was a bit lackluster for me.

At around 11:40 the performances were done  and I can honestly say it was one of the best performances I’ve seen in a while.

The performers were great,energetic and we could have had more.

Akoyo,I’ll be looking out for you.Nazizi it was real.

Thanks Josh for the invite and Kagonyera Busingye for the awesome photos.