Mar 19
  • Uganda


Paula organized a trip for us this past women’s’ day weekend to Kabale for gorilla trekking and a general much needed siesta. I never really had any intentions of ever trekking as the idea had never really appealed to me but Paula seemed keen and I’m normally down for a good hike despite my utter loathing of unnecessary exertion. Friday came through and along with Agee and Wynee we hit the road at 9 ish setting off for Arcadia Lodge, our abode for the next few days.

The road trip was so much fun! I hadn’t laughed that hard in a while. Great company is a must when dealing with any trip or excursion. With this lot the 8 hour journey trickled by in no time.

Arcadia Lodge with its 25 cottages is the highest lodge on the hills overlooking L.Bunyonyi so believe me when I tell you the view and scenery are breathtaking. From this vantage point one can see the lake in all its glory along with all its islands. It’s so beautiful! I was bunking with Paula and our cottage was lovely. The bedding! Oh so soft and comfortable; the scalding hot shower exactly what one needs out here was a godsend.

The food which was mostly BBQ style was very delicious. The staff was very courteous and accommodating particularly with us wanting to dine by our cottages on account of us being unable to walk about thanks to the traumatic trek we embarked on Gorilla tracking but that’s a whole different enchilada I’ll tell you all about later. The bonfire was my favorite bit, who doesn’t like getting all toasty on cold evenings? I don’t know what kind of wood they use but it smells divine, very fragrant. That was the most pleasant bonfire of my young life and I’ve had plenty! My only issues with the lodge were the lack of tea or coffee in the rooms which is usually the norm. It’s very cold out here particularly at night so that would have been a nice much welcomed little addition. Also the bathrooms lacked soap and towel holders, the acrobatics involved with soap placement I didn’t care much for.

With that being said, this place is a must visit while you’re down in Kabale. I had such a wonderful stay and would definitely do it again. Watching the sun set over the lake on the private deck will be one of those memories that stay with me a long time. I’m looking forward to trying out the Arcadia Lodge on L.Mburo as I haven’t explored that yet. X.