Dec 18
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It took me a few good years but I finally made it to Blankets and wine Kampala. I was always either away somewhere, unaware of it taking place due to my cave dwelling tendencies or just low on Fomo. This time though, I was determined to come through and have me some of whatever it is transpires there.

A quarterly event organized by House of Djs, Blankets and Wine is an East African premiere music experience designed to showcase outstanding musicians in the emerging genre of Afro based music .This was the 21st edition and included performances from Tamba, Irene Ntale and Nigeria’s Maleek Berry with gates open at midday. I’d actually seen Maleek Berry the night before at Cayenne Lounge at what I imagine was his meet and greet party. I was there for what turned out to be an epic Thai green curry. Seriously,it was so good.

Ghile,Ines and Dre came with, we set off at about 5:30pm with the largest, darkest rain cloud following us which was the last thing I needed ,I’d almost gotten washed away from a Noah type flood at Cayenne the night before, if it rained I was totally getting  pneumonia  or some other type weird illness from exposure. One crisis at a time I guess. We got tickets pretty easily, getting into the place however was a fiasco.For a second there I was pretty sure we wouldn’t get in till long after Maleek was gone, but slowly and steadily we shuffled on in. Whoever was in charge of that dropped the ball on that one.Walking in, the grounds were jam packed with revelers dressed to the nines seeing as Ugandans always come through decked out for events, blankets and libations, different vendors, party tents and food stalls the latter making me hungry. I figured I’d get something after doing the rounds.

I didn’t get to see Tamba perform, she must have done a day time performance, I saw her perform with the band Qwela forever ago and she’s pretty great. We did get there in time for Irene Ntale. In all honesty, I didn’t enjoy her set that much; the live band vibe just wasn’t doing it for me. Her dancers on the other hand were epic! Then came Djs Roger and Slick Stuart introducing Naselow Da Don, hadn’t heard of him before then but the excitement was real, I was ready to touch my toes and 6:30 so hard unfortunately he kept talking through his set and not dropping the beat to my liking, me and mine found the whole thing pretty frustrating cause you can tell he’s got skills, perhaps with the limited time slot that’s what happens, maybe next time.I did find his Micheal Ross getting thrown off stage parody amusing.

Then came Hitnature with their incredibly good and popular ‘Twazikoze’ hit, I love the song so that I did enjoy. Eventually the main attraction Maleek Berry came on. That man is a good performer, I only knew about four songs from his catalogue but didn’t skip a beat since he spaced them out along with the new ones so well. Sometimes a performer will hit you with jams you don’t know that just leave you lost and dumbfounded, not this guy. We danced and sang along till he was done.

The show in all was great, worth every penny. Blankets and wine is clearly where it’s at.Oh and yeah it didn’t rain, whoop whoop!