I got an email inviting me to Chapter Two restaurant at the Protea Hotel Marriott Skyz’s new steak menu launch this past was a media launch inviting myself and a few other individuals to sample some brick yard steaks off the new menu.the event would entail canopies followed by a full meal with complimentary drinks. I love a good steak and honestly haven’t had one as good as Kigali’s Inka steak house so naturally I was stocked. I made a reservation for 6:30pm and counted down the days.

On Saturday,mother nature was definitely on one, it rained hard all day.anytime it rains like this in kampala you just know traffic is going to be a nightmare.a little past 6:30pm worried I’d be late I actually made good time considering and found I was the first to arrive.

Chapter Two restaurant is beautiful, warm, impeccably lit and well spaced out. From here the view is spectacular.the original plan had been for us to dine outside but with the weather it wasn’t meant to be.

The floor manger that evening Mr. Pankaj was very accommodating. He showed me around the restaurant, the impressive buffet spread that’s available daily at 60,000ugx(without drinks) and the menu for the evening. With my welcome drink in hand I settled by the bar and waited for the rest of the I sipped my drink watching the sky darken in an interesting apocalyptic fashion, i was joined by Leah of Sokoni and Seven Hills Ranch the suppliers of the steaks we’d be enjoying shortly.i enjoyed her company immensely.we had a scintillating conversation mostly about the ranch and it’s practices and as the other guests joined we all enjoyed our canopies;one of roast veggies the other salmon. Very delicious and a good start to the evening.

Eventually we were shown to our table by our host Mr.Ankur Panchar and before our orders were taken we met Chef Bernard who went about telling us what was in store, the steaks, sides and all that. Orders made, the wine went down a treat!Upon being served, I must say my steak board was a vision!my steak was a perfect medium rare; juicy and succulent,this animal did not die in vain.along with some salsa and a green beans and corn salad were dirty fries with bacon, cheese and spring onions.

The mushroom sauce was chunky just like it should be and for the first time ever, I tried some pepper sauce. I have this memory of a lunch I had with a friend, man was beyond chocking from all the pepper in his sauce, not going to lie, him tearing up and grasping for water cracked me up way more than it should have. This pepper sauce was legit. The portions did look mammoth but i almost finished mine. I only exercised restraint for  dessert.

The desserts including creme caramel in all its wobbly glory and cake; banana, red velvet and chocolate. The cake was pretty dry and dense particularly after such a heavy meal but the creme caramel i did enjoy.As far as steaks go, these were definitely it.the wine was great and the company excellent. If you like your steak done right Chapter two will do you justice.

The restaurant will be offering a special steak menu from the 7th-14th September from 6pm-10:30pm with complimentary wine or beer and a gala on the 14th of September.Thank you so very much Chapter two for having me. It was a wonderful experience and you will definitely be seeing me again.