Mar 19
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Another day another concert in Kampala. This time round Burna boy brought to us by what has now become the long suffering events company, the not so sunny Kasana events.When I first saw the flyer on social media, I went ape shit with joy being a fan and all from way back. I remember reading about his first concert in Kampala sometime in 20...yeah I don’t remember and can’t be arsed to look it up. Main man danced so hard he ripped the front of his jeans! True or not it was pretty hilarious I mean The front bit  with the zipper! Hot damn! I hadn’t been that intrigued about a man’s pelvic dance thrusts since Mohombi (what happened to him I wonder) . Naturally seeing he was coming to my neck of the woods meant it was on!

I picked up my early bird ticket from forest mall a few days prior having been told by someone in on the skinny I should go there and get it, the organizers and whoever was in charge of that didn’t bother informing people to get their tickets in advance until about a day or so to the event. That right there should have been red flag numero uno but I guess with all the excitement it went right over our heads.On the day, thanks to some serious wisdom and foresight on Ghile’s part, we got to the Sheraton, the venue, by 6pm totally avoiding traffic.Ines my absolute concert partner and Dre came too.Once the sun set, we hit the entrance getting through relatively easily since we had our tickets, others who weren’t informed or live that last minute life struggled with a very irate ticket person at the gate,the situation getting worse as the night went on with some people taking more than an hour to get in.

Getting in the first thing one encountered was the food tent boasting a “Burna Menu”. shawarma here and there,salads, roasts and an insane amount of cake.Nothing to really get excited about, I will point out the cake I landed on was moist.hurray!The playlist blaring all round was really good. It gave me hope I was about to throw down in a major way. That joy was however very short lived as we left the food tent and ventured into the actual concert space.For reasons I shall never understand, kasana events and Malembe Lifestyle (I don’t know what that is either) decided to have a chairs and table type set up like we were here to listen to the musical stylings of squidward or do our final exams or whatever. This was an Afro beats concert right? How was I supposed to dance myself lame with this arrangement?

The stage which ideally should be raised above the crowds heads to give even Zacheus a chance to see was ridiculously low.I just knew my short self was doomed! As time went on it became very apparent the event had been over sold by at least 3 times its actual capacity, sardines had nothing on us!There was nothing VIP about that situation whatsoever.The first performer was John Blaq, personally I’d never heard of him but the crowd along with Dre and Ines loved him. Then some DJ sets;Slick Stuart and Roja,Naselow Da Don ,Fik Fameika who I like and I’m guessing someone else I can’t remember as I was so engrossed by how poor the organization of all this was.

Irene Ntale hit the stage with her bedazzled guitar.I think she’s a lovely woman and that ‘Gukuba’ jam  is the one for me but I didn’t come out here for some acoustic type performance, it was a polite but firm no for me.Thankfully Sheba came on and you know she never disappoints! Her costume, dancing and general energy were a much welcome sight.

Later Burna’s DJ came on with a forgettable set and once he left that playlist I liked so much in the beginning came back to haunt us with a vengeance as it kept getting played in between the mc’s and wanna be hype men who kept hitting up the stage trying to distract us from the fact that it was 11pm and Burna was nowhere in sight. Alarming since shows out here stop at midnight.At this point the venue was so packed I’m pretty sure we were single handedly responsible for warming the planet that night.

Just when we were all collectively on our last nerve at about 11:45pm Burna boy finally graced us with his presence. Burna boy is a really great performer. He had us singing and dancing along so hard, in that moment for me, all was almost forgiven.As predicted I couldn’t see shit but it didn’t matter what with all the dancing and I could hear him just fine.

Then....’kpokpotikpo kpo kpo kpo Baby your love Dey high me like choko.....Angeli ANGELINAAAA’ ....Yo I was screaming something fierce because that song is everything. This moment right here was the whole reason I got up in the morning. With everyone going pakachini I was finally able to see him, he looked proud. I imagine this is what musicians world over live for, seeing people loving and enjoying something you created.

I found a chance to climb up a chair and was able to watch the rest of his performance just in time to see him take off his shirt. I mean I couldn’t really see much since I’m short sighted but hey, it’s the idea that counts.Just after 12am the show was done and we all slithered on into the night.The show in general was a disaster, incredibly poor organization, planning and a demonstration of greed by the organizers that will go down In History as a case study in shitty shows and how not to throw them.The only good thing was Sheba and Burna boy.

Personally I shall not be doing any other Kasana events related type gigs. I don’t care if they bring me Micheal Bolton and I get to sit on his lap and look him dead in the eye while he croons Can i touch you there! A sentiment I share with many that attended .Not that Micheal Bolton bit, I don’t know what y’all are into to but just dealing with this nonsense again.

This concert left a really bad taste in my mouth,so I’m not keen on running back to another one anything soon.