I like to think of myself as a very adventurous individual. I’m happy to try most things twice with my travels and culinary ventures. I’ve encountered some interesting things in my day including game meat, it had been a while since so with my brother’s birthday coming up, I thought going in search of a different culinary experience would be great for him. Ed’s pretty easy to please especially if it involves copious amounts of food. If he’s happy, I’m happy.

In Kampala, as far as i know, if you’re looking for game meat, the Lawns on Acacia Avenue or The Carnival restaurant is where it’s at. I settled on the latter since i’d never dined there before.

The Carnival restaurant is located in Naguru on Katalima Crescent. Naguru is lovely. Very green. I have a strong attachment to trees and everything green so I’m partial to random weekend drives in that neighborhood. Ed, Chris and I go to the restaurant at about 5pm. It looked deserted at first glance with the exception of this lone murderous looking goose! We went down the dark dingy Jurassic park looking corridor that leads to the dining and kitchen area. Our waitress for the day was Mitrine (hope I’m spelling that right). I had met her earlier in the day while dropping off Eddie’s surprise birthday cake.

The dining area is very warm and peaceful, there’s a nice outside seating area as well. We had drinks, listening to oldies music blaring out of the speakers nearby. There was one other dining party besides us. The whole set up gave me serious 90’s vibes. I loved it. We decided to start eating and figured the others would join in later.

For 50,000 Ugx, The Carnival offers a set menu of soup, a collection of BBQ meats, in this case: Pork, Beef, Goat, Crocodile.Buffalo, Antelope, Tilapia and Chicken with a side salad, Jacket potatoes and seasonal fruits for dessert. For the starter, we had a rather miniature portion of pumpkin soup. It was nice, very rich and creamy. Don’t worry about the portion sizes with the feast ahead; you’ll need all the room to spare.

Arnold joined us right after the soup was done so the meat exploration began. Mitrine placed a Gorilla figurine on the table and told us that as long as it was standing, the meat would keep flowing. Once we were done, defeated really, we just had to place the figurine on its back. So cool!

A rotation then began with honey glazed chicken, goat, pork, beef and the salad. The food was so delicious and moist, each seasoned differently, the salad of tomatoes, peppers, onions and cucumber was very refreshing. The pork was a favorite while the beef was downright inedible and overcooked. Then the tilapia which was bony; more pork, goat, chicken and crocodile. This particular crocodile wasn’t that great. It had probably been in the freezer too long. The waiter with the skewers kept coming at what felt like breakneck speed. I was already struggling at this point. We weren’t even half way done. Then the buffalo. It was divine, succulent, moist melt in your mouth goodness. Have you seen a buffalo?  They look so tough. I’m just saying it now, this was my favorite. More pork and chicken then Antelope and spinach. I had never tasted anything like antelope. Chris said, it was just like Deer, very, very nice!

At this point, we were way too stuffed to even concentrate. After one more round of the buffalo and Antelope the Gorilla was overturned, we called defeat. We didn’t bother with the potatoes or fruit salad.Ghile came through and after we struggled to give him hugs, Ed’s cake came out. We sang. He was really happy. We sat digesting for a few moments, the playlist now current hits till about 8:30pm when we called it quits.

The Carnival experience is just that, an experience I absolutely enjoyed every second of it. I’m looking forward to the next visit; I just need to hibernate extensively for a while.