5 years ago, in a questionable Mbarara establishment, an incredibly brown, muscular bearded woman gave the most excruciating, death grip ridden massage of my young life, this was my first experience and when all was said and done, I just wanted to frog jump back home to the safety of my pillow and have a nice woe is me type cry session, I also swore off anything massage related ever again.She truly did break me! Thing is though, in life one must never say never. Somewhere along the line I discovered The Vanilla Spa and it’s been the most consistent, copasetic relationship I’ve had to date. Long overdue for some pampering after a very stressful past few months, I made my way down there. Looking through the menu, I decided to break my creature of habit rituals and go for something different; Champissage aka the Indian head massage.

Champissage is the Hindu Urdu term for the practice of this particular type of massage. Considered to be an alternative form of medicine, it involves the head, neck and face. Appropriate since we mostly carry stress in our shoulders and neck. What drew me to this type of massage was its stress reliving qualities and general curiosity I suppose. It may also relive aches, pains, tension in the back, neck&shoulders, stimulates blood flow and oxygen, clears sinuses, encourages hair growth and helps one sleep better. So many benefits, I couldn’t wait!

I got to my appointment good and prompt and met my masseuse for the day, Claire.she showed me to my room and asked I take up the plush chair in the corner, with Champissage, one sits rather than lie down. It’s a 45 minute treatment using warm olive oil scented with lemon grass, she also said if a client has aches and pains, Eucalyptus oil is used instead. Inquiries made, I settled in for what was pure bliss!

She stared with my neck and upper arms area, my locks kept getting in the way but she dealt with them and about 4 minutes in I was already drifting off. Shoulder blades face then my head, mostly the scalp. I did wish in that moment I had short hair or better yet a bald head so she could really go to town on my nut. Either way I did enjoy it immensely. I can see how hair growth gets stimulated with this type of massage.45 minutes later it was done. And yes I was totally relaxed and refreshed!

Champissage isn’t a popular treatment option, which is a shame because with the hustle and bustle, stress, anxiety and dust that comes with everyday life, this massage is a perfect way to clear one’s mind and get on with things. I’m taking it upon myself to inform the masses because this treatment here is everything! Every Friday to Sunday, the Spa offers a complimentary cup of coffee (light or strong), herbal tea or fresh juice with every treatment. I opted for some coffee which is just what I needed.

I truly think this is going to become a thing for me, if you haven’t tried it, please do, you will thank me. The Vanilla Spa is located on Plot 99,Bukoto Street Kamwokya.