Jan 20
  • Restaurants


After gallivanting up and down the Gedi ruins I was ravenous for some grab. A quick search on Trip Advisor gave me some great suggestions but I settled on Crabshack Dabaso. Situated in Mida Creek, Crabshack is run by the Mida Creek conservation community. The community is all about providing eco friendly activities,mangrove forest preservation as well as providing education for poor fishing communities. I didn’t know all this prior, I was just looking for some food and booze to finish off a nice day, little did I know it was about to get a whole lot better.

After a 10 minute or so (my sense of time and dates was virtually nonexistent this deep in to my holiday) body rattling tuk tuk ride I arrived at about 5:30pm.Walking in I’m greeted by a tall handsome Maasai clad gentleman holding a clipboard and walkie talkie. He flashes me his pearly whites and asks if I have a reservation.*music screeches to a halt* reservation? umm no, 5 minutes ago I didn’t know this place existed. He smiles, I shift awkwardly in place and hope I’ve tucked in properly! He asks if I’m here for dinner, I nod way too vigorously. He inquires with whoever is on the other end of the walkie talkie if there’s room for me.  There is! he lets me in, as I go he asks if I’d like to do a sunset boat ride before dinner ,I politely decline. ”Next time” I lie. Did I mention he was handsome?!

Access to the restaurant is via a 200meter board walk with the most epic mangrove forest on either side. Come to think of it, I’d never seen mangrove before this. They are cool! One side of the forest opens into a clearing where you can see the sun shining onto the boats. Fishermen wave as you go by. It is so beautiful here! Making it to the restaurant, all tables at the deck are reserved but I do get a very nice table and settle in. A young waitress brings me the menu, I go through it and then I see it! Oysters! I have wanted to try these things for the longest and here was my chance! A lot of people I know are always very apprehensive about sea food, something about food poisoning and the runs being a given.I have got a pretty strong constitution and when all was said and done I didn’t care. I wanted them so bad! I ordered for a small portion of oysters, some king fish ceviche and crab samosas. I’d read online the samosas are what they are most famous for. I reckoned I’d use the bathroom while I waited for my Capirinha. Turns out the bathrooms are at the entrance so I had to shuffle on back there. No complaints though, I freaking love it here. When I get back the waitress tells me they are out of ice and my cocktail would be a while. No problem. The sun is starting to set, the place is packed now. I see what all the fuss is about. its a, dare I say magical type place.

My food arrives. the oyster shells have been butchered something fierce! not the prettiest presentation alive. I pick one up, smell it, then taste it. Remember that scene from Mr.Bean where he greedily chows down that platter of oysters that later turn out to have been spoilt. Yeah, cant relate! these things are fresh and delicious! I wolfed them down in a heartbeat. they were a tad bit gritty but I didn’t mind too much. The crab samosas were incredible with the crab sauce side, I can see why they are all the rage! And that ceviche! My food was excellent. When that capirinha finally arrived, it was quite possible the best one I’ve had. They did not skimp on the liquor! With the sun set, my belly was full and heart buzzed. I was happy to call it a day. A very good day! The CrabShack is a treat! that sunset is a looker, the food is divine, the cocktails great and in all the place is doing amazing things conservation wise. CrabShack Dabaso, I’m so glad I found you!