Jan 19
  • Rwanda


While on the net looking for fun things to do in Kigali, I came across Fazenda Sengha, a horse ranch and adventure hub that looked very promising. I love horses so any chance to be around them, I’ll take it. Just after Christmas Alex, Sandra, Nicholas and I decided to go check it out. We got a MOVE, Kigali’s’ alternative to Uber or Taxify and set off. It’s a bit of a drive but didn’t take as long to get to as I’d thought.

Fazenda is a big spacious place with views for days! we walked in and waited a while till someone came to settle us in. On top of horse riding, Fazenda offers zip lining, archery, Bad Minton ,a trampoline and Pentaque; some type of ball game. We opted for a package including horse riding, zip lining and archery,30 minutes each all for 13,500 francs. While fishing for my coins, I felt a sharp bite in my general left boob area, I thought if I ignore it, it would stop but no, it was relentless! I put my bag down and dug in there nails deep discovering the culprit, a small winged insect which I squashed and kept it moving thinking that was that.

Walking in the trampoline, lounge and pentaque are to the left, the zip lining straight ahead and stables and riding grounds to the right. We settled on doing the archery first. It was pretty cool; it made me feel very Robin Hoodlike. The bows and arrows are pretty easy to maneuver  but  the aim bit is what you have to master mine of which will and forever and always be trash! I can’t even draw straight lines with the aid of a foot ruler. This section of Fazenda is riddled with bugs; my early encounter was the welcoming committee apparently. These things are relentless and made the whole experience very uncomfortable. As much as I was enjoying my new found hobby, I was happy to walk away.

Next, going passed some healthy donkeys, we went zip lining. Compared to the stressful Ugandan experience this was pretty tame. We whizzed back and forth multiple times and even got offered a bonus round. Nice! Saving the best for last, we did the horse riding just before dusk. Ideally I’d wanted to do a horse trail type thing but this did just as well. Sandra opted out as she wasn’t feeling the horses that much so Alex went first and I followed right after. Our horse for the day was Sonyador, I loved him! At least I think it was a he, I wasn’t looking.

The ranch hand steering Sonyador Innocent was pretty friendly, we chatted about different things while I rode. At some point he declared we were going to trot. I didn’t enjoy that so much, I felt like I was going to fall off. I have a new found respect for jockeys everywhere. These beasts are powerful. Nicholas went next, you should have seen him trying to mount that thing, it was hilarious, we waited for him, me sipping a Heineken watching the sun set. It was gorgeous.

Once night fell, we went up to the lounge next to one of the many fires that had been lit and drank more beer. In the distance you could see the city lights and traffic flowing through. I could have sat there all night but hunger was setting in. We left the place at about 8pm and bee lined for the nearest eatery.

Fazenda is a great place to spend an afternoon or weekend, it’s family oriented fun that’s friendly on your pocket .Just don’t forget the bug spray.