Cacti, what’s not to love? They’re beautiful, not at all needy, can survive on very little water leaving more for me, many are edible and are just an all round great plant. I can’t get enough of them. I’ve gone about starting a collection the first of which Ghile got me, I named him IT, he was great but met his untimely demise at the hands of his uncle Ed. his manhandling of IT confirms I’m slumming it with a serial killer. I was gutted when IT died, I was really attached to him, he was such a great listener!

After a sufficient mourning period, I got StiffPickle; it’s been a couple of months and I’m pleased to report he is thriving nicely in the safety of my room far away from Ed.

While tending to my blossoming wild garden, I noticed an old wrinkly piece of cacti that had fallen off its mama plant, it had little pieces growing off it, I figured I could cultivate whole plants from it and went about cutting it up and transferring it into IT’s old tin, I like to recycle, crossed my fingers and hoped it would grow. It’s been a few weeks and what do you know, it’s grown even better than I’d hoped, I named this one Legion.

Perhaps I do have a green thumb after all, I’m hoping my little succulent family will keep growing and growing. X