Jan 20
  • Kenya


Looking for a historical fix while you’re in Watamu ,the Gedi (Gede) ruins are where it’s at! Located in the Arabuko Sokoke forest ,the Gedi ruins are a medival,historical and archeological site built in the 13th century. They  consist a walled town, mosques, a palace and numerous houses all depicting distinctive Swahili coast architecture. The ruins also have a museum displaying numerous items that were excavated from the site. After paying a fee, 400Kshs for East Africans and getting my guide, the first thing we encounter is a massive tomb believed to be a mass grave and a recently fallen humongous baobab tree. It’s an eerie vision! Further on a more tombs, The Great Mosque, wells and the Palace.

The housing structures are incredibly well preserved! One had what is presumed to be a pool! You can also see what used to be toilets and bathrooms.These people really had it going on back then. Being here I can only imagine what life must have been like centuries ago. The inhabitants seemed to have really figured out life at least until the town was mysteriously abandoned. Some say it was due to the receding Indian Ocean waters that led to depleted wells that caused them to flee,Or  invaders and  the black plague brought by the Portuguese that could have wiped out the inhabitatnts.We will never truly know. I like to think they had a really great run while it lasted.