Jan 20
  • Kenya


Once upon a time, in a land far far away lived a family chocking on wealth. They owned land, many cows and lived a good wasteful life. The family squandered what was their most precious commodity; milk so much so they bathed and washed their clothes with it. One fateful day, the gods had had enough and decided to punish them. They all mysteriously perished and the land turned hot and desolate. You can still see the remnants of that family in the soil today.The white for the milk, the red for all the bloodshed and the black stones all the animal waste. That land is Hell’s Kitchen Marafa.

Hell’s Kitchen is a sand stone canyon beautifully colored with yellow, pink, white and red hues from the sulphur ,iron and calcium deposits in the soil. The appropriately named canyon’s temperatures are known to hit as high as 50 degrees Centigrade. After paying our fees which I don’t remember and securing our guide for the day Issa, he gave us a brief history of the canyon, legend and all and had us follow him down a steep canyon that revealed spectacular views of the place. Issa, a god among men was walking barefoot! It was almost midday and the temperature had hit 40 and was climbing steadily. He was unbothered saying it wasn’t that bad since it had rained the previous day. My shoes disagreed with that sentiment as they slowly melted and came apart.

It gets hotter further down the canyon you go. I was completely soaked in my all black outfit. I mean sure, perhaps black wasn’t the wisest choice out here but hey severe dehydration and heatstroke are temporary, my fashion drip is however eternal! We passed some animal tracks; baboons,apparently  they like to bask here from time to time. Issa then smeared some of the  different colored dust on my arm, we mused about how this was definitely the inspiration for all makeup artists. So cool!

The whole tour/walk takes about 45 minutes and by the time we were done, my shoes were completely done with this life. I walked back to the car barefoot and  unscathed mostly because it was 9 seconds away. Marafa I’d say is all about the perspective you have while you’re here. Some would find it scenic, a killer workout, unbearably hot or even plain boring. Personally, I enjoyed it, especially learning about the legend of the place. It’s also incredibly beautiful to gaze upon, I’d never seen anything like it before.I'm also pretty sure I lost a kilo or two from the excursion. Would I come back again? No, I don’t have a heat stroke fetish. Was it worth it, yes! It’s one of those unique things you have to see but would probably only do once.