Apr 21
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As someone that enjoys her food and drink the tendency to sometimes over indulge does plague me from time to time. My solution to this in the past has always been 3 day juice cleanses. They aren’t easy at all but I always see them through. This time however I decided to try something new, a water fast! My friend Bunny suggested I try doing one as she recons they are more effective than juice cleanses by far. I was sold.

What is water fasting?

Water fasting is a type of fast that restricts everything except water. Fasting, a method of restricting food intake, has been practiced for thousands of years. Most water fasts last between 24 to 72 hours. Anything longer than this isn’t recommended without the supervision of a medical professional.

People fast for different reasons including religious reasons, to lose weight, detoxing or when preparing for medical procedures. Personally I was on this train for its detoxing effects.

How do you water fast?

First things first, I’d suggest you prep yourself physically and mentally for the fast.3 to 4 days prior, start eating smaller portions and then fasting for half the day.

There’s no real science behind how you should drink water throughout the fast. I endeavored to drink at least half a cup an hour. Try and aim for 2 to 3 liters per day. No food whatsoever just water.

What to expect?

The first 24 hours are pretty uneventful, I went about my day as usual experiencing only one bout of hunger pain. Day 2 had me feeling slightly woozy but I was still able to get around up until the afternoon. At this point the cravings hit me like a bus! I fantasized about eating everything under sun, I don’t think watching the food network was helping.

In the evening just before going to bed, it happened!…The runs! As far as I am concerned this quick bought of diarrhea is a true sign you have detoxed. I was happy as I felt I’d achieved my set goal. 48 hours well spent.

Day 3 however was a different story altogether. I woke up feeling very weak and in need of cake. Strange as I don’t even like cake in particular. I decided I would break the fast at 6pm about 67 hours or so in. Sadly I didn’t even make it that far, I ended up caving at about 1:30pm. This was a defeat I wasn’t in any way ashamed of. I think I did quite well considering it was my first water fast.

Post fast.

When breaking your fast please avoid the urge to have a big meal as this will lead to some serious discomfort. Break your fast with fruit and smoothies. Small portions during the post fast period of 3 days is important as you need to ease your body back to its regularly scheduled programming.

I broke my fast with some apples and a banana & blue berry smoothie and Shakshouka for my first solid meal.

Who shouldn’t water fast?

If you have underlying medical conditions such as Gout, Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes and eating disorders like Bulimia. Although water fasting may have some health benefits, it’s important to note that it comes with some risks if done repeatedly. For instance it could make one prone to muscle loss, dehydration and blood pressure changes.

A day later, I have to say I feel pretty good and light. In my experience water fasting is so much better and manageable than Juice fasting. The best part being it’s pretty inexpensive or down right free to do. I would recommend newbies do 48 hours to start because day 3 is killer and I felt unnecessary. Moving forward should I take this up again, I’ll only do 48 hours. Avoid operating heavy machinery or driving while on the fast as the dizziness is real! Some have experienced headaches but that wasn’t the case for me.

I hope this article helps you on your water fasting journey. Happy fasting!