As most Ugandans will tell you,the only type of noodles we are intimately familiar with are those instant ‘add hot water and seasoning ‘ Indomie type things.I ate my weight in them particularly in high school.

I’d seen a flier for Ichiban Ramen  and thought to myself,I’ve got to try some ramen one of these days. I made a mental note then buried it deep in the recesses of my brain.It wasn’t until I happened across another flier announcing Ichiban would be closing in two weeks that I finally got my ass in gear. I’d totally taken the place for granted thinking it would always be there,now look at my life.I went twice, the first Saturday with Arnold and Mike on whose Instagram page of first seen the flyer and the second time with Winnie and Ghile.

Ichiban Ramen offered 3 ramen bowls;Tonkatsu (pork),Tori(Chicken) and tomato miso with pork gyoza & aged dashi tofu as sides and banoffee pie for dessert. The opened Thursday to Saturday.My struggle with the chopsticks was very real but I never gave up,the first time that is,that right there was an adventure in itself.

I had the Tonkatsu and gyoza as dumplings of any shape or form are my absolute favorite snack in life.When the Tonkatsu arrived,what a vision! The bowls were large and plentiful! I’d never tasted anything like it.so rich the fat from the pork belly had me smacking my lips. Pork belly is where it’s at people!!! I tried my best to finish but that was an incredibly insane amount of food, I missed out on the aged tofu but that banoffee pie is now a favorite,hadn’t had it before so that was quite the treat. I was good and full when all was said and done.It’s a real shame it’s closed now.there are no plans of it reopening but it will definitely live on in my memory. I’m glad I got to try it.It was truly good while it lasted.