For as long as I can remember, I have loved and wanted tattoos, in high school I was obsessed with guns and roses, not the band and its music although Slash can totally get it, more the artistry that came to mind when I envisioned what it would look like on my arm. I had a friend who was a damn good artist(I’m pathetic in this field, can’t even draw a pot let alone have straight lines even with the help of a foot ruler!),she didn’t quite do it justice and as I grew older, I outgrew the whole guns thing but the desire to get tatted never waned.

I finally got my fist tat, in 2013, the inscription Non Timebo Mala, Latin for fear no evil, on my left wrist. The idea I got from the colt gun in Supernatural, that right there is my show! I went on down to Equatorial mall where Kla Ink, the tattoo shop which I’d seen on Facebook was situated during my lunch break from work. I once asked a friend of mine who had two tattoos what the pain was going to be like; he proceeded to pinch the shit out of my arm, removing skin. As I sat there with the needle inching closer, I braced myself….Jesus Christ that donkey totally lied. The pain was nothing like being pinched, more like hot needles going in and out of your skin at untold speed. I was so focused on giving my friend the business when I saw him next I went through the tat in a heartbeat. I loved the experience and knew I’d be a repeat customer.

The second and third tats I got in Jan 2016, a treble cleft and a cross on the sides of my right wrists. Kla Ink had moved to Krisna mart in Kamwokya so that’s where I got them done, they each took about 8-10 minutes to get done. These look much better than the first since I’ve taken better care of them.Last Friday I felt the need to add to the collection, after making an appointment, I went down to Yasigi beer garden, the latest location of Kla Ink. I wanted to get Corazon De piedra; Heart of stone in Spanish on my ribs, it’s the title of this song I’d heard a lot as a kid, a time when I was pretty happy. I’d wanted to get a tornado on my right wrist but the idea fizzled so I went for a feather and It is well, my favorite hymn that for some reason reminds me of my mother.

I got to the shop at 9am on the dot, the gate was seemingly locked and had this guy not come through four minutes later I don’t know how long I would have been standing there. The power was out so it was a 2 hours long waiting game as the beer garden staff tried to fix the generator. The power outage was really messing up everyone’s day, there were appointments after mine and a show, Kla Ink on Urban T.V whose premise involved Moha,the artist doing celebrity tattoos trying to shoot their season finale. The power did get sorted at about 11am so everything was ago. The wrist tattoo went well, the pain was relative, the really painful bit was having the ink wiped away and applying the antiseptic, boy that stung! I liked the shading bit, it was interesting seeing all the different needles used, the whole thing took about 45 minutes, at which point my friend Pearl came through for moral support and to hang out.

Starting on the second tat on my ribs, I had to lay down on my side, not the most comfortable position, to top it all off I had to work on positioning myself so I wasn’t flashing anyone as my boobs were on over floweth mode. I knew it was going to hurt but damn! Because its on the ribs, the smallest needle has to be used, them little suckers are vengeful! This guy at the shop, Max showed me the unfinished space on his ribs where an owl was supposed to be, he only managed to get a wing and just gave up. he kept telling me I was brave, if only he knew how much I was dying, I’m just lucky mine is pretty small. I was trying my hardest to keep still but the conversation between Max and Pearl was cracking me up!

See Pearl has this, well, tattoo that she let her brother jimmy do as a practice run. It was supposed to be the Pisces zodiac sign. The end result was, umm, I’ll say this, when her sister saw the finished product she remarked what an ugly duck it was! It’s quite the conversation starter, not that she needs one, Pearl is one of the most interesting and outgoing people I know.Max asked Pearl whether she wanted to have anything done, she said something about wanting a cover up her  and showed him the “Pisces duck”, He chuckled and asked her  if she’d gotten it someplace down town! If you’ve been to downtown Kampala, you’d see the humor in that question. Laughing and getting ones ribs branded really don’t mix.The tattoo took about an hour and when all was said and done. They looked great! We hang around the shop for a while watching them film their show featuring popular Dj Mr. Silverback. An all round fun way to spend a Friday afternoon.It’s been a week since I got the tattoos and I must say they are healing pretty nicely.Moha is a really good artist and should you feel the desire to get tats, Kla ink should be your destination.