Herman, who is fast becoming my go to guy for all things fun to do out in these streets when I need a break from the rock i call home  hit me up last week with a poster advertising the KALABASH Tribal House rave.

I thought about it and after moving a few things around I thought yap, that’s a great way to spend a Thursday.

The rave in question was organized by DJ Fya Leboof (digging the name),collaborating with Congo Tech prodigy Rey Sapiens Musique and Afro House DJ Catu Diosis at the Big Kafunda along Ggaba road. It’s a monthly event. Entrance fee, 5.000Ugx. This is the events’ 5th edition.

Who doesn’t like a good rave? Darker than dark undertones interrupted by neons , epilepsy inducing light shows , loud house or techno music my father wouldn’t have understood, interesting odors in the air and people just having the best time of their lives shuffling, jumping and bobbing about.At least that’s been my experience the few times I’ve embarked on them elsewhere. With that in mind I was looking forward to seeing what KALABASH was going to be like.

I asked Ann, my absolute best friend to come with, I hadn’t seen her in a while, her being in Nairobi the last few months so I was looking forward to catching up. I expected I’d find Herman there as well.

It was a particularly rainy day and hoped the rain would be done by evening, thankfully it did,Short shorts and boots on I set off at about 4:00pm. Surprisingly there was no traffic, I was there in a record 30 minutes.

This was my first time at The Big Kafunda.lots of colorful decor and crafts.open sitting space and big ass smoker near the entrance.Very nice, I just might become a regular.I sat at the bar and enjoyed some sugarcane juice.

Ann came about 30 minutes later, and we moved to the front of house .we ordered some ribs which came in record time.I’d had these ribs before at Nyege Nyege,they were divine then and now....I think they’re even better, I was saying something to Ann but trust she wasn’t listening, she was too busy planning a future with her ribs. They are that good, you want ribs,look no further.

At 6pm, there wasn’t any sign of said advertised rave.the organizers didn’t start setting up till 7, this is what gets my goat, why say an event starts at 6 when you know damn well it won’t, some of us take things way to literal,things like this a source of great irritation to me as you can tell.

By 8pm, a good crowd has started coming through and the atmosphere is lively.Music finally starts playing,a good Spanish playlist,Ann and I enjoyed it.

I thought to myself I’d bounce at 10 if non of the action started but then again I’d come here to see what KALABASH is all about.Had to see it through.

Herman came round at about 9:30 with his friend Allan who Dj’s at The Embers. He’s a cool guy, my little friend circle is growing by the minute.

The music at this point is Kwaito which quite frankly, I do not like, I mean some songs are good but as a genre, it’s a polite but definite no from me.i was losing morale.

At 10, DJ Fya Leboof got on those ones and twos and what do you know, there was this instant shift in the mood, her set was good,she had people dancing .Ann left at this point so it was me and the boys.

The one thing that did stand out for me was the moon!It was gorgeous with the palm tree back drop,almost like added to the night somehow.

We had a pizza, you can’t dance as vigorously as you want on an empty stomach,And then we went up to the DJ area to dance.

Fya’s set was about 2 hours I think,she came, played, conquered and then the second act Catu Dioces came through.

Catu’s set made me think of Central Africa for some reason.she had an interest selection but really that’s the only good thing I can say, sadly her set fell short, it was a jumbled mess, the transitions being the major problem,but she powered through. There were a few guys who were; I wouldn’t call it heckling, it was more like yelling some suggestions,those guys were dancing something fierce and the set was messing with their groove.

I tried but I just wasn’t feeling it,I retired from that dance floor feeling short changed, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one. That set was just bad. Allan mentioned she’s one of the headliners at this years Nyege festival. Girl I’m rooting for you, please bring some fire,that crowd will not be as forgiving as this one.

I had one last drink before we called it a night at about 1:30am, I didn’t catch Sapien’s set.

Here’s the thing, I wouldn’t call this a rave, a dance party maybe,Also, I thought when Dj’s host such events, it’s to show case their own material,like SouthAfrica’s Black Coffee.

I will say this, The Big Kafunda is where it’s at, it’s a fun lively place with good food and a great crowd. I enjoyed myself immensely and just might come one down for next months set.Allan will be playing as DJ AoWalker.

Herman, good looking out. Ann, you continue to brighten my days.X