Aug 19
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The past 10 days were an absolute fun time to be alive.Why you ask? The recently concluded Kampala Restaurant Week.The week kicked off with a prelude into what to expect with the Pearl guide’s first bites bash at La cabana restaurant.It was a fun,exciting well attended affair by bloggers and media personalities that are all about food. Sample menus were distributed, Tusker lites were chugged and all was well.A good start.

The premise of Kampala restaurant week saw 40 select restaurants in and around kampala offering special 3 course menus.Casual restaurants with starters at 15,000ugx, mains at 25,000ugx and desserts at 15,000ugx while Signature restaurants had starters at 20,000ugx, mains at 30,000ugx and dessert at 20,000ugx. All mains served with a complimentary Tusker Lite beer. The sponsors of the event were Radiocity,Total and Tusker lite.

These are the restaurants I hit up during the week.

Olives restaurant 

Our first stop, Ed and I opted for the Farm house mixed grill with Bbq beef,lamb kofta,tropical pork teriyaki,grilled chicken skewers on pita bread and salad & the Thai panang chicken curry served with rice,son in law (we never found out who he was)eggs,somtum,prawn crackers,chicken satay and bean sprouts. Nice presentation. The curry was just how I like it, mild and flavorful and while the whole meat platter was good, the lamb Kofta was definitely a winner.

Holy Crepe 

I love Holy Crepe Kololo,the view is spectacular,breeze cold and the food normally good so I was pretty gutted with what was placed in front of me.The beer battered chicken burger I opted for was devoid of any and all seasoning,was drenched in too much mayo on a tiny bun that made eating very difficult while Ed’s; a beef brisket burger,the bun substituted for a very dry bagel as they’d run out of buns was tasty yes but had way too much chili.It needed a warning particularly for people like me with an ulcer.Burgers generally don’t scream ingenuity so the filling should be on point. They weren’t. Very disappointed. The one saving grace was the potato wedges.


With Karveli Ed and I decided to try the whole menu.The starter; French rarebit topped with chicken monay, fried eggs & grilled tomatoes was delicious! reminiscent of breakfast it was very good.That bread is what all bread aspires to be.The main course;an Italian beef roll in a nicottera sauce,mash and vegetable basket was alright.Bacon saves everything, the veggies excellent but the sauces were meh. It didn’t come as advertised as well, a few missing bits but that was fine.For dessert a fruit cake topped with caramel cream and a macaron. Such a beautiful plate but alas too sweet! The take away from all this was the attention to detail and flavor profile Karveli always delivers.

Cafe Ceylon

Ceylon! Man I don’t know what’s happening over here but it’s peculiar for sure. There’s a weird smell that has taken over the joint on account of little to no ventilation. Escaping outside reveals a dirty abandoned eyesore dustier than ashy elbows with tables and walls long forgotten and the service slower than ever. Thing is the food is always worth it,I’ve said so in a previous post about the place as well.

Ed,Arnie and I had the Ceylon en papilliote; ginger tilapia and veg in a cream sauce with serendib rice, Chinese fried rice and chicken and the Lamprais which is a Dutch /Sri Lankan dish with fish,chicken, a boiled egg and onion sambo. Boy did we eat! My clove filled rice was dreamy! Finishing the meal with my masala tea that I only every drink here i knew I’d be coming back  no matter hard Ceylon and it’s ever lowering service tried to drive me away.


I’ll start by saying Prunes was my favorite,So good i went twice! The Ananasi chicken; grilled chicken stuffed in a pineapple with mozzarella was a sight to behold, very tasty too but the secret orange chicken was hands down one of the best meals I’ve ever had. Perfectly and I mean PERFECTLY grilled chicken in a carmelised sweet orange sauce with beets and avocado & crispy polenta. I’d never had polenta before now I don’t know how to go on without it! The second visit with a food voucher from Prunes I got to try the quesadillas.What do you know,it was equally good.I’d love it very much if these items became part of the main menu in the immediate future.

7 Hills Revolving Restaurant 

After a week of stuffing my face,my last stop was 7 Hills Revolving restaurant at the Golf course hotel. I loved this place. It takes about an hour for a full 360° rotation. I was beyond fascinated! Kampala and her night lights are alluring though I do think the view would be better at day time.

Conrad and I sampled the whole menu. The starter was a twice baked cheese soufflé. A blazing hot plate that scalded Conrad a little, made for an interesting dish, great while it was hot but very unappetizing with every cooling second.The main was a flavorful and very tender beef tenderloin, the dauphinois accompaniment had no salt at all and the salt shakers were empty.

I was looking forward to trying jack fruit ice cream for dessert but we were served what tasted like shop bought vanilla ice cream. The iced arabica mocha parfait and wild orange caramel did the trick.It was a very pleasant dinner and lovely end to what was a great week.

An honorable mention goes Cantine Divino where I abandoned the chicken skewer offerings and had me some decent ravioli and the charcuterie board off the main menu.

Naturally the winner in my book was Prunes with Olives a close second.They showed the most ingenuity and had such great tasting options which I feel is what the whole week is about. I shall now retire my eating pants and resume my regularly scheduled programming.