Jan 20
  • Kenya


You know that Chameleon song ‘Vumilia’? That right there was a song that truly resonated with me. In particular that ''seated on a stool in a bus corridor'' line. That was literally me circa 2001 going to Kenya for the first time. It was a school trip and our cheaper than cheap school chaperons managed to pack what had to be at least 120 of us luggage and all into one bus. Thing is though, I remember being very comfortable on that wooden stool. The major key here is the soft yet firm knees pressing into your back from whoever was behind you. I was fortunate to have sturdy ones. My friends and I chatted away narrating different movies to one another what with no mobile phones let alone social media to speak of. It was a swell time. Come to think of it this wasn’t the most absurd type of travel I’ve been on. I have memories of being piled onto a camel’s back with like 6 other equally tiny children on a school trip. As the great beast got up we screamed with horror and glee and tasted each other’s scalps as our bald little selves were jam packed on there super tight.Fun!

Fast forward decades later with me on a mission to explore a good amount of what Kenya has to offer for about 4 weeks flying Uganda Airlines as that bus corridor life is very much behind me. I spent time in Nairobi, Naivasha, Mombasa, Kilifi, Watamu and Marafa.

I miss it all so much already,