Jan 20
  • Kenya


With Mombasa done and dusted, it was onto the next coastal adventure; Kilifi. I came across Kilifi while searching for my next festival adventure as I feel I’ve done Nyege Nyege to death. The Kilifi New Year Festival is what came up. Check them out on Instagram The set up looks insane! I figured some recon of the general area was in order before I embarked on it in the future.

I stayed at Distant Relatives Eco lodge & back packers. Distant Relatives is hands down one of the nicest places I have ever had the absolute pleasure of staying. As far as Eco lodges go these guys have got it on lock! Lynette and I had booked the Tent option but got upgraded to a Banda. Lush! the super spacious rustic Banda came with a double bed, bunk beds, a private shower, urinal and compost toilet. You should see the compost loos built like thrones, I loved it. The linen were a much welcome delight after the burial cloths passing themselves off as bedding at City blue Creek.

The dining and work space areas are all decorated with kitenge making them warm and colorful. There’s a pizza oven, volleyball court, pool and a beach by the creek about 5 minutes away, this was my first salt water pool. . After waddling in there for a while which left me in a cataract type state I’ve concluded I don’t salt water pools at all! In the evening you could go down to the beach and watch the bioluminescence caused by algae in the water. I imagine it’s the most beautiful thing with a full moon. I never did see it, I was always too beat and with my sense of direction, wobbling around in the dark just didn’t seem wise.

The food here is divine; I'd recommend the lamb curry. How they got it to a melt in your mouth type goodness is beyond me. Then  there was the avocado toast! Christ. Whoever is behind that stove deserves an award for making me fall in love with tomatoes. The grilled tomatoes that came with the breakfast were out of this world. You have me sitting here raving about a tomato! This must be how soul binding begins.

The lodge also hosts a bunch of  events. This weekend a disco and pizza party. the DJ’s were pretty good. Lounging poolside, cold gin in hand, trippy lights is definitely how I like to holiday!

I honestly don’t have a single complaint about this spot. I had the best stay here. Everyone was so nice and friendly. The food  was excellent (that tomato!) but the highlight was the shower. In that heat that was precisely what I needed. This place is definitely a thing for me now. Consider me your Distant Relative.