Jan 20
  • Kenya


Exploring Kilifi, I took a motorcycle to go see some of what this beautiful place has to offer. Moody my guide for the day took me on a 30 minute motorcycle ride along the highway on our way to our first stop the Vuma cliffs. Kilifi is beautiful. When I thought of the coast, I always had dry sand and palm trees on the brain but no this is one of the greenest places ever .The Baobab trees are a sight, some of them hundreds of years old. Riding along the highway was so much fun. I did get clocked in the mouth by flying road debris at some point but not even my lip swelling up by the minute could dampen my mood. We went passed a vast expanse of sisal plants that seemed to go on forever then deep into a pine forest where a wearier individual would have questioned where we were going. It was pretty amusing in a bad slasher movie type way. Eventually we came across some rocks where I could hear the waves crashing down below in the distance. I was excited. I followed Moody down the rocks which revealed one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen. The white water beating against the black cliffs is breathtaking. The water is a shade of blue I’d given up hope of seeing after Mombasa. The sound of those waves is so relaxing. I was fortunate enough to have the place to myself the whole time I was there. Sitting there watching the waves was the most peaceful moment I’ve had in years! I could have sat there for hours. This is one of those moments that will stay with me forever.

Tearing myself away from this paradise eons later, we went off to Takungu village passing cement mining operations before stopping off at the creek. Below were kids playing and jumping from a cliff. Further out were fishermen with their boats scattered about. We then went on a ride deep within the village where I suddenly became very aware of my short shorts riding up even higher the faster we went. This village and most of the coast is Muslim territory. Ideally I should have carried a sarong for this bit but I really didn’t think that far ahead. Moody said I’d be fine. No one was going to do anything. He was right. Some loud cat calling ,half hearted chases and disapproving looks from the village women was about it. It was pretty amusing and very harmless.The whole tour took about 2 hours and cost 1500Ksh if memory serves me right and was organized by Distant Relatives Reception desk.Worth every penny! Man those cliffs, what a sight to see!