I'd seen civet cat coffee on television ,the idea of a creature,eating up select coffee berries,the berries passing through its digestive tract  but remaining intact, defecting the coffee beans which are then processed into the most expensive coffee in the world didn't repulse me as it does some,I found it fascinating,and resolved that one day,if the opportunity presented itself,I'd try it.

Before going to our villa in Ubud Bali,the driver suggested we stop off at this coffee plantation,excited and full of energy from being in a new country,we obliged,especially since it was free.

 A very friendly lady welcomed and beckoned us into this little expanse of green,she gave us a brief walking tour,explaining and showing us the different things they grow here,coffee,tea,cocoa,vanilla and more.

Then we turned a corner and came across the cutest little ferret like fury creatures in cages,they seemed sleepy,and had curled up in that position. She told us they were Luwak,the name for the  Asian palm Civet cat.they are nocturnal,which is why they were all docile like and that Luwak coffee was available for sampling.

Just like that, I was going to be able to cross civet cat coffee off the bucket list.wonders never cease.

She did say the coffee goes through a sanitation process and what have you,so chances of their being actual poo in your coffee are at a believable 0,at least to me.

She showed us to a bench in this beautiful section of garden we're we sat and  samples of the coffee and tea we're served in little glass cups,

For the tea,we had Lemon,Rosella and Red Ginger ,Hot chocolate and for the coffee,Bali,Ginseng,Vanilla and Coconut.They were all delicious,a real treat.

Just before bringing the samples over,she asked if we'd like to try the Luwak coffee, which was 50$ a serving.

Sammy and I elected to share a cup. After clearing the samples,it was hard to pick a favorite,they were all so good,the vanilla however was out of this world,she brought forth this glass contraption which brews the Luwak coffee.

It was fascinating to watch,one moment it's clear water next thing it's bubbling up and changing to the dark coffee color,like mad science,it was cool.

The coffee was served and I took the first sip,I found it dark,strong,bitter but drinkable,definitely an acquired taste. We drank it all.it was definitely worth its price.

We lingered in the garden watching butterflies fluttering by,took photos and enjoyed the place.

After looking through the little shop and electing not to buy anything,we left,all of us in agreement it was a great experience.

Luwak coffee....check.