There is this little place in Bukoto along Kira road i went to a few years back. It was a furniture and interior store at the time. It smelt divine on account of the scented candles. I liked it. I noticed the place had changed and was a restaurant now. L’auteur. I wanted to go check it out for the longest time, better late than never. I finally did.

I popped in for brunch Sunday morning with Christian. The minute I was in there, I knew this was going to be my new favorite spot. It was quiet with only one customer at the far right. The interior is very café chic, wine bottles, elaborate light fixtures, book shelves and the bluest, blue chairs. It’s a particular shade of blue I love.

I opted for the English breakfast while he had an omelet. I don’t get omelets; they are my least favorite way to eat eggs. While we waited for our order, our coffee came through in this whole set up meant to keep it warm I hadn’t seen before. I turned over my cup and discovered a cookie underneath like a little surprise that really made me smile, I’m so easily amused.

The meal took about 15 minutes to prepare and when I got it, I was impressed. Very cool.

I had the right amount of bacon; sausages were moist though over cooked for my liking, my sunny side up eggs a tad bit runny but creamy and edible, my favorite things on the plate were the mushrooms, I don’t know what spice that was but damn! Not one bit was left untouched! Chris liked his omelet as well.

Being so comfortable, we stayed a little while till the music started getting a little cult spiritual for my liking and off we went. L’auteur is a beautiful, cozy and well lit place with a great menu and alcoholic collection to boot. The bathroom is clean as well. An all round great atmosphere. I’m definitely all about this place.