The next couple of days were relatively chilled out, what did stay with me however the unbearable heat was, even just sitting lazily in a sarong generated furnace like conditions, I did not feel sexy at all!

Day 5 saw me doing some shopping for souvenirs .We also went to hospital to see one of her friend's new born baby girl.now, from what I’ve seen most new borns tend to be all mushy and squishy and take a minute to form shape but this little bundle of joy was perfect! She was so cute and did make me think of the foot ball squad of babies I’d like to have some day, luckily it was a short lived feeling!

For dinner that night we went to Samaki Samaki for a meal known as Bruce Lee, boy did it kick ass! The flavors in that fish were unbelievable don't think I’ll be experiencing that anywhere else! Just as we sat there trying to breathe and digest simultaneously, drama broke out at the table next to ours.

These two ladies, let’s call them lady A and lady B were sitting having themselves some fun with a bottle of wine when an older guy went over and started chatting them up, he seemed to be interested in A and ordered them another bottle of wine which they pounced on, A then went to the bathroom and older guy used this chance to hit on B,who side note ,was a lot younger and prettier than her counterpart! This guy! B said no and just like that all hell broke loose with the older guy suddenly declaring at the top of his croaky lungs that he would not be paying for the wine he'd ordered. which trust was already half way gone, A came back and upon realizing what had happened went apeshit on the guy screaming about how they too would not be paying, at some point a guy friend of theirs joined them but he just sat quietly dying of embarrassment. What amused me the most was A swearing on her dead mothers' memory that she would in no way pay for the troublesome wine, who does that?! this went on for a while and what do you know, they didn't even notice older guy leave, without paying of course. In the end their guy friend paid but I can assure you lady A did not shut up, I don't know what pissed her off more, the whole wine debacle or the fact that he hit on her friend whilst her back was turned.

Day 6 highlights were the lot of us going to a Forever Living conference at the Julius Nyerere center. It’s a magnificent building that made think of all those U.N conferences you see being televised. The premise of the conference was pretty much the same as the one I had attended previously but more elaborate and with more speakers. When it was done we headed home and stayed in watching telly and gorging on some nice pilau.

Day 7 being my final day had me a bit sad thinking about my holiday ending as I had had such an amazing time with equally wonderful people. That afternoon,J and a friend of his, picked me up to go to South beach in Kigamboni.J and his friend work for Tanzanian breweries which was having a promotional launch or something along those lines for Safari beer. Along the way, we stopped off at different bar locations so they could so their marketing thing,J gave me a couple of bottles of Kilimanjaro twist which is a 2% alcohol type beverage, I loved it, I think it would do really well in Uganda. We stopped off for lunch at the place called spiders bar, filthy place with flies up and about in full force. We had fried goat and pilau,it was a really tasty meal, I found the raisins in the pilau to be a lovely treat, I ought to incorporate them the next time I’m making the dish.


Then it was off to the beach! The Sunset hotel which we settled for is very nice and a favorite I’m told for honeymooners. it was pretty empty  but on Sundays gets pretty jam packed. We ordered konyagi and juice and the second it landed on the table, we were swarmed by so many flies, it looked like an invasion, I took a moment to walk along the beach picking up shells and just watching the waves and little crabs scrambling about. It was wonderful.

We then set off for one of the bars that had the promo thing going on, there were dance performances and lots of beers going round .B finally came through with Lenny and Amani.the original plan had been for J to take me some place for prawns but the place didn't have any so we went to another bar for karaoke, bad idea!.

The bar in question was so jam packed I was amazed I could move my eyebrows; we did luckily find somewhere to sit. The karaoke itself was just bad! Not one of those people could at the very least carry a tune; it wasn't even funny, like please stop, no more! For the first time in my young life I actually dozed off in a pub,Not my finest moment I know! My spring chicken days are clearly over aren't they? See my life.

When we got home it was quick shower and next thing i knew i was very dead to the world.


Day 8.it was finally time for me to go home, I spent most of the morning doing errands with B, we also went to the see her aunt who'd fallen ill. We went back to town using a bus ,horrible contraptions and I was so happy knowing I’d never have to use let alone see one again for eternity as far as I was concerned, I did want the whole experience though hadn’t I? Whilst in town I figured I’d have one last Subway(yes the love here is real),so B got me a tuk tuk(weird three wheeled vehicle) for me to go get it while she finished her errands. I picked up my take away, steak and cheese again, and we set off for him to drop me where he'd found me. We got into a fender bender with this obviously retarded driver who rammed us off the road, even Stevie Wonder could have seen us right there.tuk tuks are death on wheels I tell you. I just got out and walked my ass back to my destination leaving the two 'drivers' to sort their shit out.

We went home so I could pack and grab a quick shower (did I mention the heat) and it was off to the airport.

I said good bye to B, and off I went. I will miss her a lot.

Thank you so very much Bertha and John for your hospitality and just being a grade A human, your friends are just as lovely as you are and I’m glad I got to meet such great people, you have a beautiful country that I hope to visit again.X


The flight from Dar to Kgl was very nice,i was super comfortable,the food was good and the flight attendant Robert who'd taken a liking to me kept that wine flowing,i'm sure there was a shortage that needed restocking!good times.

The flight to Uganda was slightly delayed,and there we were in that dreary lounge waiting.we finally set off and a bottle of wine later,i was home.the drive home made me realize how much i'd missed the familiar surroundings and dialects.

It feels so good to be home.....Thank you Tanzania it was real.