Oct 18
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It occurred to me a while ago I had never really been to any major concert in Uganda. I’ve had Interest but for whatever reason, I never went. Shaggy, Sean Paul, UB40, so many more. I did want to see Diplo last year with all my heart and soul but I was in such a bad place mentally not even he would have cheered me up. Fast forward a year later, because I’m convinced the universe truly loves me, Major Lazer who I love came through. This time, I was there front and centre.

Comprising of Producer Diplo and Djs Jillionaire &Walshy Fire Major Lazer was on an African tour that started in South Africa, Malawi, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia and ended in Uganda. The concert sponsored by Club Pilsner was part of the beer brands’ “Refresh your Beat” branding initiative. It also had performances from Uganda’s own Apass, Fik Fameica, Beenie Gunter, Mr. Silverback, Djs RPM&BK and DJeff from Angola.

Ghile, Ines and I went to the venue; the Sheraton Gardens at about 7PM, the crowd was already great as Ugandans never waste time when partying is involved. The VIP section that we opted for was really great. The décor was mostly electric blue, and just in case you forgot Club was sponsoring, theirs was the only beer brand available. I did see some guys with Budweiser though.MTN was there too on that Tidal plug and was offering free WI-FI. The venue was very Nyege’esque from the electric lights to the music and sheer energy from everyone there. The MC Deedan was perfect for the event.

Her energy levels warmed up the crowd and kept people going. The dynamic duo RPM &BK were on first. I enjoyed their set, lots of quirky Afro beats and mixes. Mr. Silverback who never disappoints, came on next, his signature balloons and fire show were fun. We really started dancing at this point. The performances of the night Apass ,Fik Fameica and Beenie Gunter did their latest hits but I felt the sets were too short, I blinked and it was on to the next one. DJeff from Angola is good I tell you. We were dancing up a storm. You know what, prior to this I’d never gone clubbing with Ines, and clearly I’ve been missing out. This girl’s energy levels are exactly what I needed and of course there’s never a dull moment with Ghile. I found me the perfect concert people!

At about 10pm, Major Lazer came on; there was Diplo, who for me was the main attraction in all his glory. Jillionaire on the ones and twos and Walshy Fire who was really worth his salt as a hype man that night. They did all the favorites. At some point Diplo jumped into the crowd and it was mayhem! Their set was a solid 2 hours of non-stop music, we danced our butts off people! especially me when ’ Particular’ and ‘Watch out Fi Dis’ came on, They did this song with lyrics just for Kampala which was great, I mean I’m sure they did it for all the other cities but ,hey, it worked like a charm.

The show ended at some minutes after midnight. VIP tickets entitled us to free entry to the after party at the Equator bar in the hotel. There was talk of an after party at Club Chief but I never did go opting for Equator once majority of the crowd had dispersed. I partied all night bar hoping and got home at 6am.Still got it Folks!

Major Lazer was everything I thought it was going to be and more. Best Monday EVER. I’m definitely doing the next one cause this one was worth every last penny. X