A little while ago, I got asked to lunch and with the suggestion of Sushi, which I love by the way,I found myself, along with Sam, my lunch date heading to Miso Garden on plot 14,Mabua road Kampala.

It’s a lovely place, spacious and green with a very inviting balcony at the entrance. Once inside, one is greeted with the smell of some serious spice action and fish and friendly chefs standing behind a display of what I imagine is supposed to be the ‘Catch of the day’.

We opted for the dining area, to the left is the garden area with a couple of picnic tables scattered about. There is a little Miso organic garden next to the large lush trees. Poor garden has seen better days though, this sun isn’t messing about!

We sat in the corner at the extreme end of the dining area, our waiter, a rather clueless but friendly man came forth to take our orders. Their menus are these large ‘book of shadows’ from Charmed looking things, you could seriously concuss someone with these things! Once we told him we wanted, Sushi, he was completely taken aback.”Are you sure?” he asked, “You know its raw fish?”Yes, my soul needs it that is what we want, thank you.

Bless him! He was genuinely concerned for our gullets, once we confirmed for the third time how sure we were, he said something about how usually, their white and other foreign patrons were prone to Sushi, never Ugandans. I will let you think on that as you will. Once he left, Sam revealed he has no clue Sushi was raw fish! This was going to be an interesting afternoon.

Celine Dion low key blaring in the background, the scrumptious looking food didn’t take long, we’d also ordered pork dumplings with the Sushi because dumplings are simply put, life itself. I didn’t bother with the chopsticks, I’d resolved I was going to learn how to use chopsticks this year but I’m yet to actually embark on the endeavor.

Sam was quite the trooper, he ate it all, I like to think he enjoyed it somewhat, he’s got quite the poker face, I couldn’t tell hard or existent his struggle was. As far as I’m concerned its always 5 o’clock somewhere so I though a cocktail would be nice, sadly, the bar here doesn’t make them so I settled for some Gin.

That done, the combination of Celine Dion and the overzealous wind chimes murdering my brain stem, we decided to call it a day, just as well as it was coming to 3 O’clock, their closing time.

Miso opens from 12pm to 3pm for lunch and 6pm too 10:30pm for dinner. I like that.

If you’re looking for something  different, a chilled out relaxing afternoon, Miso just might do it for you.