Jan 20
  • Kenya


First time I came to Mombasa was on a scouting trip in 2001 I think. We’d been driving all night from Nairobi and stopped off someplace for a bite to eat. We got a pack of fries and sausages. The wieners were alright. The fries however were devoid of any and all salt or seasoning. It was shocking. The amount of waste that accumulated as we all discarded them was sad, a true shame. Till this day I always have a pack of salt or something every time I travel. I refuse to live an unseasoned life. I remember falling and waking up to a shadow of a building, It was the crack of dawn and a call to prayer bellowed in the distance, a beautiful sound. As the sun rose eventually the building turned white and I got my first glimpse of Swahili style architecture. That moment stayed with me. I think about from time to time. Fast forward to today. Lynette and I got off the plane expecting excruciating heat, vibrant activity and a cocktail in hand in my not too distant future. Instead we found torrential rain. I mean I know it rains here but it was still weird to see and feel.

Making our way to the hotel and home for the next few days Cityblue creek was pretty uneventful since we couldn’t see jack. The hotel itself is pretty nice, painted all white it reminds me of cake. We arrived early and got in on the breakfast buffet. these guys know how to cook! Our room overlooking the creek was nice and clean. Sadly cause of the rain the creek was a dirty brown color throughout our stay. It cleared a bit once or twice but was never that clear blue they advertise, I have a sneaking suspicion it never was or is. I need to be proven otherwise. The shower was very spacious but the water which I believe is from the creek can be quite pungent and sticky. The trick is to let it run a little bit before you jump in. And then the bedding! These were some of the oldest, roughest, scratchiest beddings I have ever encountered in my life. All pleas to have them changed fell on the deafest of ears so was all requests for a change of towels. That being said, the pool here is divine, it’s a beautiful thing and the water felt really great. We must have been in there for hours! The cold beers were a treat too.

As far as hotels go, it’s an alright one. It’s got views, it’s clean and the food particularly the breakfast is excellent. The downside is the linen. Cityblue in all honesty I think it’s time for an overhaul New year New you, yeah?

Prepare to have your requests for fresh towels in particular ignored. Also stay away from the room coffee and creamer. It will make you sick as it hadn’t been changed in a while. I normally check expiry dates for things but I relaxed and well, I died in my movie. That was on me. The creamer has probably been in there as long as the linen has been in use. Since god was a small boy.