Jun 21
  • Restaurants


Last weekend, after trying to attend this event and always getting caught up, I finally made my way down to Le chateau Brasserie for their famed Mussels and Oysters weekend. Having had the mussels before I was very keen on the Oysters.

Happening every second weekend of the month, Le chateau offers the oysters and mussels as both starter and main course options. The oysters on the rock are the starters with half a dozen at 75,000ugx and a dozen at 150,000ugx. The mussels are the main with two options; 1.2kg of fresh blue mussels with chips and a complimentary glass of wine. One has the option of either a cream and white wine sauce, a spicy marinara or natural at 150,000ugx.The other is 1.2kg of mussels and mixed sea food in a Thai curry sauce at 200,000ugx.

My date and I opted for the half dozen oysters and spicy marinara mussels. Only the mussels come with the complimentary glass of wine despite what is advertised on the flyer. The oysters, served on ice with fresh onion and a basil sauce were levels of fresh and delicious! Those things disappeared quickly. The oysters reminded me of that scene in Mr.Bean where he wolfs down all those Oysters only to later discover they were off, wasn’t the case here. The mussels were equally great. I think the spicy marinara is the way to go, the sauce was mild and flavorful.

Personally I think the Oysters and mussels in particular are worth every penny. The oysters were such a treat and the mussels are so plentiful you definitely get your money’s worth. You’re welcome to take some home as a take away.

Thank you Le chateau, the food and service is impeccable as always. I’ll definitely be back for more Oysters.