Oct 19
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Octopus,tuna,salmon,prawns,shrimp...if it’s seafood related I’m definitely here for it. Le Chateau Brassiere has been doing a mussels night every second Thursday of the month at 140,000ugx per individual for a while now and I’d always wanted to go but never did. This time however it was on! I made a reservation for me and Ed a whole two weeks in advance and counted down the days.

Yesterday we finally made our way to Ggaba road.Traffic was atrocious! Now of all the things I occasionally let bother me, traffic isn’t one of them. Its just one of those things I can’t do jack about so not point convulsing over it. I mean sure the likes of the 5th element & Total Recall made promises of flying cars or Star Trek and teleportation but I’ve long since let that gripe

go. That being said our driver lovely man I’m sure wasn’t helping with his music. Main man couldn’t put together a playlist to save his life. From country to Nigerian to a Drake music video! Have you ever had to suffer through listening to a video without visuals? And just when we thought it could get any worse in comes the Latin Lover music with some serious sensual crooning. By the time we arrived at our destination an hour and seventeen minutes later I was sick!

Le Chateau is a Belgian restaurant doing some great things with their cuisine.its an upscale place with a somewhat hefty price tag. If you eaten here before though you know it’s definitely worth it.The staff are very professional and welcoming .Our waiter Jonathan was most pleasant. I settled on some wine while Ed had a Belgian beer. They’ve got an interesting collection of different Belgian beers with percentages ranging from 5 to 9 and upwards.I’ll  be coming back for those.Previously the mussels came with a complimentary sparkling wine or beer but that has since been scrapped. Bummer!

The mussels are cooked and served 4 ways, you’ve got  the creamy option,a tomato based sauce, mushroom and herbs and a garlic and white wine sauce (I could be off a bit with some of the descriptions as it’s all from memory) served with French fries and a homemade mayonnaise. I opted for the mushroom&herbs while Ed had the creamy ones.They were were served in these big cauldron looking dishes and where a sight to behold seeing as on social media the poster gives the impression of a small dainty little dish. Nope these are huge. We were very pleased,Ed mostly.

They were delicious! This was the perfect introduction to something I’d never had before.I had wondered if they’d be difficult to eat but nope, them suckers came right out. The fries were nice and crispy while the homemade mayo was delightful. I’m not really one for mayo but this did nicely.The meal was fun and somewhat messy to eat, the highlight was all that broth at the bottom that made for wonderful slurping. It all remained nice and hot throughout thanks to the pots.

I’m proud to say I made a good dent in my meal before I finally called it quits good and stuffed! Of the two dishes I’d say the creamy mussels were slightly better. Slightly! I’m so happy I get to tick mussels off my culinary bucket list.

The dining experience truly was great. The mussels delivered, my wine warmed me up and Ed really enjoyed his beer.Next up Oysters!