Jan 20
  • Kenya


I’ve known Mike for a couple of years, we went to high school together. Mike is quite possibly the happiest dude on the planet. He’s always smiling and is the true human embodiment of the phrase Hakuna Matata.Being around his energy is infectious, I found myself laughing quite a lot. I was a very happy individual around him as he was putting me up while I was in Nairobi. I really miss sitting in his large couch watching the trains go by with the cold breeze wafting in. One weekend Mike suggested we take a quick road trip to Naivasha that was about 2 hours away. Naturally I was stocked. In fact he was still explaining when he looked up at I had long gone to the car already packed. Well mentally at least. He mentioned this geothermic spa place and said I should grab a swim suit.

Moments later we were on the road. About an hour in I was absentmindedly watching the trees go by when lo & behold the great East African Rift Valley was upon us. I had had zero expectations of seeing this beauty but here she was in all her glory. We stopped for a bit and amused ourselves with pictures and taking in the view. Getting back on the road we passed a cute little building that Mike told me was the smallest church in Kenya! Say what! A mental note was made to check it out on the way back. Descending further down into the landscape reveals some breath taking scenery with lots of sheep and donkeys. I’ve never seen so many before. Healthy and relaxed. Prior to this I’d only ever seen about 5 donkeys in my entire life and boy were those beasts burdened!

We went passed Mt.Longonot a dormant hikers Mecca home to one of Kenya’s many national parks. A few minutes later Lake Naivasha came into view signaling we’d pretty much arrived. We then took a road to Hell’s Gate National Park.

Hell’s Gate National Park is unlike any national park I’ve experienced. Picture incredible rock formations and canyons. Had it not been the rainy season we would have checked out the gorge. Next time perhaps. It was on to the geo spa next. The air out here is pretty rank on account of the natural gas geysers but you get used to it after a few breaths.

Run by KenGen, the geo spa has 3 lagoons. The main pool can accommodate people in the 100s I imagine with a baby pool next to it for the little ones. After paying the entrance fees and squeezing into my bathing suit in the forever wet changing rooms it was onto the business of getting relaxed. The lagoons are a very cool shade of blue. Looking at its viscosity you can tell that water was going to be delightful levels of gooey and gross. I loved it!

The water was about shoulder deep so I happily skipped up and down to make my way as I wasn’t about to risk swallowing any of that gunk. The water temperature varies throughout the pools from warm, hot and hotter. Don’t worry you won’t dissolve in here or anything, I think. This truly is a spa as my body and skin felt amazing!

We had some lunch; something passing itself off as pork for Mike and some nice fish for me. We must have spent about 2 hours luxuriating before calling it a life. There must be something to this spa because it worked like a charm. I took such a great power nap on the ride back. We stopped off at the church; Mai Mahiu the afore mentioned smallest church in Kenya. Built in 1942 by Italian P.O.Ws sits a beautiful little thing with 3 doors, Latin inscriptions all over the walls and seats about 12. After a moving sermon from’ pastor’ Mike we made our way back to Nairobi.

Naivasha is a great place for a day trip, in a few hours I got to see so much. The rift valley, lots of happy sheep, donkeys and zebra, A national park, Lake Naivasha, had me an incredible spa day and got to see a beautiful little church. 24 hours done and dusted just like that. Thank you Mike.