Jul 19
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It’s Sunday morning,I roll over to do that life giving stretch.You know the one where you arch your back and squeeze your ass cheeks so hard you temporarily slip into an alternate universe.I live for this moment every morning. Only this time,my glutes were on fire,strange since I’m on an indefinite can’t be arsed to work out hiatus. My legs too.Then I remembered what had been a pretty good weekend at the recently concluded Nirvana festival where your favorite girl danced her clan proud.

I got asked by one of the members in the organizing committee if I’d like to be part of the festival,do content and all to which I obliged.I love a good festival anytime or day. I arrived Saturday late afternoon at the venue;Lutembe Beach. Hadn’t been before.Its got spacious grounds,a pool,lake views,the works. Finding the camping area,me and mine failed miserably at erecting our tent. Pretty frustrated we pushed that problem to the left and went about getting some drinks and exploring the grounds.


The turn out was decent so far with more people turning up by the hour. The festival had different food stalls(a crepe station,Rolexes,drinks bar and a Yujo corner),Two stages ;Nalubale and Digida. One with a large Dj booth the other with a live reggae band.

Activities included glow in the dark nails and face painting,an African crafts and training village section by Amaani Rwenzori with some lovely African prints and pottery,percussion drummers all scattered around the beach.W

ith darkness falling the neon lights were especially beautiful.

I know there was a whole lineup of performers and Djs,I’m sure I caught a few,can’t really remember all I do know is I danced my little legs loose. I hadn’t had this much fun dancing in a while.

I spent most of the night checking out different sections,meeting and hopefully making new friends and partying the night away, typical festival stuff.After one more even more epic fail at getting the tent done, the party boat sailed and I ended up going back to Kampala well after 4am.Nirvana,this being their first blow out gig if I’m not mistaken was pretty good.I met a few good interesting people who kept me company when I needed it most,I listened to some good music and enjoyed myself immensely for the most part.That damn tent be damned! I’m optimistic Nirvana is here to stay.Till the next one I remain yours truly a happy reveller