Sep 19
  • Uganda


Hi I’m Trish and I like nice things! I’m talking a nice spa day, good food & gin,crunchy biscuits, a clean scalp, horror movies that deliver.  You know the little and not so little things in this life. The universe knows me all too well and throws such things my way every so often. This time a luxurious stay at No.5 boutique hotel in Entebbe.I got an invitation to dinner and a nights stay last week and made my way to Entebbe Friday afternoon.Thanks to the expressway I made good time arriving at 3pm.

No.5 is a beautiful stylish boutique hotel in the lush leafy green suburbs of Entebbe along Edna road. It offers 10 luxury rooms and 5 luxury apartments all equipped with a sitting room, kitchen,en-suite bathroom and a balcony overlooking the gardens and pool. There’s also a stand alone residence; a two bedroom house with a fully equipped kitchen and full time staff on call ideal for an extended stay in Entebbe.The hotel also has a pool, gym and spa available for guests only.Free laundry services are inclusive as well.

Walking in I’m greeted by Yasin the very warm,friendly and ever smiling concierge.With my delicious cold ice tea welcome drink in hand he showed me to my abode for my stay. My room was incredible! The couches in the living room were so soft and plush i literally sunk into them, the kitchen had tea&coffee of which I drank copious amounts of the latter. Going up the stairs revealed the bathroom, large soft bed which I enjoyed heaving my short self onto and an ottoman next to the cutest little fireplace. Non functional of course given our beautiful weather.

The fireplace had me very nostalgic reminding me of the fireplace we had in our house in Ndola. I used to hide all sorts of stuff in there, oatmeal and licorice mostly because well, was there anything grosser to 5 year old me ? No. My balcony overlooked the dining area, pool and beautiful logs that lined the walk way to the rooms. This place is a type of beautiful you just don’t see everywhere! Once Yasin was done showing me what’s what I went about making myself right at home.After a small tour of the place it was off to the pool.

The pool is truly where it’s at! Surrounded by numerous palm trees, overlooking the gym and spa, it was very Bali esque! The wind rustling trees and sounds of the jacuzzi pouring into the pool had me doing something I’m just incapable of otherwise, power nap! Guaranteed you are going to relax here. The aesthetic and detail that has gone into this hotel is truly well thought out.I hate swimming so merging with the out of this world comfortable lounge chairs and occasionally pruning my bottom in the jacuzzi did nicely. I actually got the slightest of tans.

As evening approached I went back to the room for a balcony session.Sitting there quietly listening to Rihanna was the most tranquil I’d been in a long time. Whatever stress I may have had I left in that chair for sure.Getting ready for dinner(an event in itself that deserves its own post) I hit the shower and almost moved in there permanently.Now I like a tub but finding a shower with perfect knock the wind out of you water pressure is golden! I love a shower! If i could just take a chair in there and position myself flash dance style.... one of these days I’m going to develop gills! The shower was amazing, I came out clean and pruned.

At dinner,I enjoyed some sparkling wine and watched the sky change different hues of blue as darkness fell. I met Brett the General manager.He kept me company, regaled me with very interesting stories of his culinary ventures and gave me some good recommendations and what to expect with dinner which turned out to be an extravaganza in itself. I’ll tell you all about it later.The staff at the hotel truly are something. I felt very well taken care of and fussed over. I felt... Special!

Yasin, Diana and Simon really did make my experience wonderful. 

I retired to my room and became one with my robe and slippers. If I was a pharaoh this is the garb I’d take with me in the afterlife. The robe was soft and levels of warm I didn’t know I craved. After channel surfing for a minute it was back to the ottoman to amuse myself like only I know how, more sparkling wine and a serious internal debate on wether I should have a fireplace installed during my next renovation. It’s happening!

I went to sleep in what was one of the most comfortable beds ever where i had  a dreamless and stress free sleep such beds and pillows induce. For breakfast i had a delicious eggs Benedict,strong coffee,toast and a lovely muffin the next day and spent the rest of my time by the pool with a nice large gin in tow as Simon was kind enough to never let me go parched.You know, the good life.No.5 truly is luxury. My stay here was quite honestly the best hotel experience I’ve had out here. The food was excellent and my general self is relaxed and rejuvenated. I shall remember this experience fondly always.The WiFi was problematic but as I wasn’t about my phone life it wasn’t an issue for me. I didn’t need the distraction.

Thank you No.5 for having me over.You made my life.