I love Kampala, the hustle and bustle, the people, the weather…kind of, that special thing the dust does that impacts so much flavor into Rolexes and all that but every once in a while, I need a break. Jet plane hopping which would ideally be the life isn’t happening for me right now and safaris are so far way. Luckily we do have lovely little gems in and around Kampala. This past week one such place was Nyange Resort &Marina.

Nyange is located 5.9kms off Entebbe road by Lake Victoria. It has a restaurant &bar, conference hall, Marina and beautiful cottages for accommodation. This place truly is beautiful. It’s serene, green, quiet and the lake view with the breeze is everything. I could have dwelled in that environment for days; sadly I was only there for lunch. Nyange derives its name from the Luganda term for the great cattle Egret.

Before lunch, the receptionist, Esther, a very warm and friendly lady, gave me a tour of the place. We started with the cottages, covered in lush green bush, flowers and cacti providing privacy, the interior is lovely with African print linen and beddings and art. I’m definitely coming back for a stay of some kind .this right here is my kind of place.


After the cottages, she showed me the conference room, camping grounds, swing set, volleyball area, gazebos by the lake, Restaurant and bar. The bar is impressive, massive with a good selection of liquor; it’s never too early for gin as far as I’m concerned so I knew there was definitely some in my immediate future. The smells coming from the restaurant let me know I was about to have some serious food.

While my mouth watered with the promise of a good meal to come, Esther took me passed the mini Zip line, yes you read that right, a mini zip line, up some stairs to the Tipsy bar bridge, a stretch of bridge leading to a bar, it’s so shaky, the absolute fun I was having on that thing regressed me back to my childhood, I went on it a few times bouncing and bobbing away, a fun game would be trying to make it from one end to the other without spilling your drink. Even after I was long off it I still had lingering sensations from it. If you’re ever down there you have to check it out.

For lunch, I had fish with buffalo fries, anytime I’m in this neck of the woods that’s my go to meal ,Sheba had French onion soup while Dr.Melik,the proprietor of this fine establishment had a club sandwich and a Greek salad on the side. I must say, I’m not even playing; this was quite possibly the most delicious tilapia I’ve ever had. What the chef did with those spices and ginger is downright criminal, and the fries! I’m always on the hunt for the perfect French fry, these do just fine. Oh and gin, that went down a treat with the breeze and view.

I was back on the road about 40 minutes later and barely remember the drive as I was so sprung with the whole Nyange experience, a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. If you’re looking to unwind out of the city, have a birthday, wedding, retreat, want to camp or have a fun family day out look no further than Nyange Resort &Marina. It’s worth the trip.