Sep 19
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After counting down the months, early hotel reservations, short shorts acquisition and lots of stretching to get good and limber for what is almost certainly guaranteed to be a good time,Nyege Nyege 2019 is done and dusted!

This was my third time attending .Last year was levels of biblical proportion style fun and madness I shall always look back and remember fondly.I knew deep down I wouldn’t top this particular experience but simply create a new one. I figured I was bound to enjoy myself again what with the array of fun acts, Djs ,live performances, stages,silent disco and very large food tent that never disappoints.

With an advanced ticked at 120,000ugx for the four day event, I only attended Friday and Saturday with Ghile,Ed and Ali. We left for Kampala in the afternoon and made good time getting to Jinja and the hotel for the weekend Source of the Nile. A vast improvement from last years horrific shit show Brisk Hotel! Source of the Nile Hotel is lovely, clean with excellent water pressure, a great breakfast spread and coffee among many more ammenities.

Getting to the Nyege venue Nile Discovery beach, the parking situation was nothing short of annoying. When a group of Ugandans get together with a sole agenda of disorganizing your life, there’s just nothing you can do about it. This was one of those times. Parking was weirdly rather far from the entrance and if you didn’t have comfortable shoes, the agility of a cat and Sean Connery’s calf muscles guaranteed pain was in your future.Getting through security was a breeze at least.Whereas the stages from last year; Dark stage, Eternal Stage,Bell stage and the Main stage were unchanged, there was lot of new fun stuff going on. There was body and face painting, a very questionable looking yoga area, clothing and art stalls, lounges and a silent disco. The food court was next to the main stage and had everything from burgers,snacks, buffets, roasts, ice cream, cocktails, coffees, Rolexs ... you wanted it they had it. I found I was particularly fond of the Bass burgers.

I spent a lot of my time at the Eternal stage or the Pit as I like to call it. The Djs were lit, lots of them table dancing .This was and is always my favorite bit.The energy there is always infectious.I did check out the restTthe dark stage was as dark as advertised, the TalentAfrica tent had some great music while the Bell stage that was arguably the most popular was too crowded, hot and damn near impenetrable so I didn’t dwell there much.

One of the things that got my goat was the sudden charge to use the ''ladies room'', a term I use very loosely. I’m not normally one to knock someone’s hustle but the attendants were obviously looking to make a buck and doing a piss poor job keeping them clean anyway. Saturday night they padlocked the joint early and sauntered off in the night having made a killing I imagine. I really should invest in a SheWee. Then again was it truly a festival if the loos didn’t traumatize you somewhat?

The main stage had a few Ugandan artists perform like Pallaso, Lillian, Beenie Gunter and Sheba. Only saw Sheba .Can’t say I enjoyed her performance that much though. Girl can dance but that’s just about it. I found myself wandering off to go get fed. The fireworks added a very nice touch and went particularly well with the pit vibe.

Nyege truly is a beautiful event bringing so many people from all corners. Great music, art and just a great way to live a little.I danced, made new friends and enjoyed myself immensely.Nyege May you continue to grow,evolve and be all you can be.