A little over a month ago, I got a set of Placent Activ hair products; shampoo, rinse out conditioner and hair serum to try out  and share my experience. Since cutting my long blacky locks at the beginning of the year my hair had been pretty manageable and fuss free. That being said get up and go hair does have its days. This is where products like Placent come in.

Placent Activ hair products from Italy consist of hair products professionally created to cater for ALL hair types. It’s especially suitable for thin, damaged fragile hair and diminished hairlines utilizing the contents of placenta that’s rich in amino acids and silk protein The products are paraben and silicon free. The products include shampoo, conditioner, hair serum vials, eyelash growth serum and vitamin supplements taken orally.the serum comes in 12 vials with recommended use of one vial thrice a week and later to maintain results,two vials a week.

Having used the products religiously for the past month I can honestly say, these products are genuinely up there with the best of them.

The shampoo lathers incredibly well,one doesn’t need copious amounts which is normally the case with 4C hair types.i found just one application was enough for me as opposed to the standard three . Very cost effective and convenient. It also smells pretty good nothing overwhelming.

The rinse out conditioner is my favorite. Not just from the set but conditioners in general believe me I’ve used a few often settling on the leave in ones having failed to find a proper sustainable one. The detangling action is almost instant. It gets on the scalp and just melts and becomes one with it. For me combing was unnecessary as my fingers did the job just fine. I let it sit for 5 to 7 minutes before rinsing out. It leaves my hair sister than soft with every wash! I love it.

I used the serum thrice a week in the first two week and got down to two vials a week . To break the vials, an easy affair,do use a towel or some cotton to avoid cuts. The serum is to be applied to your scalp not hair, it was tricky what with my spongy hair texture but I managed it, on my hairline as well. I personally air dry my hair. Heat damage is the worst!

Granted my hair wasn’t unhealthy or anything nor was my hairline in particular distress i still do need to maintain my fro. I found these products to be excellent at doing just that. My hairline is fuller and my baby hair on absolute steroids if you will.dare I say my hair had actually gone darker like it’s supposed to be, often thanks to heat and sun bleaching damage hair tends to take on a strange malnourished brown hue.i know not if such an issue anymore.

I have had to use a moisturizing spritzer and coconut oil on non wash days to maintain shine and moisture as hair does clump particularly with bed head.

The products are great. If they did this for me and my non problematic scalp imagine what it can do for distressed hair. They are perfect if your trying to grow your hair too, i mean......

I’d say give them a miss if your hair is braided, you’d be wasting something precious!I don’t know what I’m planning with my hair journey for now I’m enjoying what the products which are now a staple for me are doing for me currently.

The shampoo and conditioner go for 41,000ugx,the vials are 49,500ugx, eyelash serum 85,000ugx and the vitamins 95,000ugx.A set of three(shampoo,conditioner & hair serum ) can be got at a great discount available at only 119,000ugx. Same day delivery available.Call or text +256787560367.

The products are also widely available in and around kampala in beauty stores and pharmacies.Check out their Instagram @placentactivhaircareug to find one near you.Show your scalp some love, give Placent Activ a go. It works!