Mar 20
  • Restaurants


I got an invitation from Prunes Café & Restaurant to go check out their Thursday salad bar selection last week. Upon accepting I counted down the days with baited breath and yesterday had me a very lovely afternoon courtesy of said establishment.

Prunes has been around for a hot minute. I’ve been coming here over the years but I must say it wasn’t until their stellar participation in last year’s restaurant week that I developed a new found appreciation for this place. The salad bar takes place every Thursday from 12 to 3pm. By 12:03 I was skipping into the place. I may have like 7 general problems in this life, an ability to waste time particularly when food is involved isn’t one of them. Walking in I’m stopped by a smiling gentleman who brandishes some serious hand sanitizer. Prunes will not be caught slipping with this Corona virus. Very nice to see such precautions taking place here.

I get in and meet Martin the marketing and social media manager and Chef Evelyn responsible for the afternoon’s delights. We had a brief conversation about the day and what the salad bar entails. Pictures done and dusted, I pounced! It’s a good spread! Lots of options glistening in the display case I hadn’t had the pleasure of trying yet but today was the day. I opted for pasta, couscous, beetroot, pumpkin, avocado, green beans, crispy kale, mushrooms, halloumi; a first for me and lentils, the jury is still out on whether I like Lentils. The bowls are big and you control the portion sizes. For 28,000ugx I think that’s a winner. Please note its one bowl each, there’ll be no Oliver Twist tendencies here so you best fill that bowl while you have the chance.

The salad, cold by the way, the way the gods  intended it was delicious! Each item had a different taste going on making it all work for a scrumptious, nutritious, filling meal. Seriously I was done eating for the day after that. it wasn’t until after I had demolished that bowl that I realized I hadn’t had any meat on it. There are options available upon request but personally I won’t be bothering. The halloumi and mushroom are all the meat texture I’ll ever need.

Did I enjoy my salad bar experience? Yes. Will I be coming back? Hell yeah! I’m the kind of person that derives joy and excitement from eating a salad. We do exist. My favorite is the chicken Caesar salad, hold the tomatoes with anchovies on the side! I know someone that’s completely grossed out by my insatiable love for anchovies but I like what I like.

Prunes  has delivered on this one. Please do yourself a favor and try it out. The ingredients change weekly so it’s never boring. When you’re done with that do try out the Fiesta Shake For dessert.  Vanilla ice cream blended with strawberry, pineapple, topped with a cup cake, kitkat, dates, marshmallows, garnished with nutella, peanut butter, whipped cream and cherries on top. I know your probably thinking this is a diabetic coma waiting to happen. It’s not, the salty peanut butter does wonders for balance and contrasting flavor. The cup cake was delightful as it wasn’t overly sweet especially if you put the icing to the side like I always do.

Thank you Prunes for extending this delightful invitation. I had such a wonderful afternoon. Also good looking out with the hand sanitizer.