Jun 19
  • Uganda


It’s been a few years since the horror that is bungee jumping traumatized me for life so I figured some adrenaline filled activities of a sensible nature were in order this particular trip to Jinja. Lynette and I came up with a weekend plan settling on quad biking and tubing the Nile. I got in touch with Adam from Tubing the Nile; a very nice and helpful individual who went about explaining rates and all. Settling on him picking us up in a van from the hotel everything was in place. In a group of about 12, Adam picked us up at about 1pm. When he said van however I didn’t realize he meant a matatu. It was just as well because some of the kids had never actually been in one so it made for a little adventure for them.

All terrain Adventures offers ATV quad biking safari adventures and local guided tours along the banks of R.Nile starting from Bujagali falls. Trips range from hour long to multi day excursions requiring no prior experience at all. The trips all start with practice sessions on 3 specifically designed circuits. The packages include the following;

*An hour long Kyabirwa village safari at 55$.

*A two hour Explorer ATV safari at 85$

*A twilight safari with a sunset ride and buffet dinner starting at 4:00pm to 8:30pm,a minimum of 3 people. This I feel is great for those of the romantic persuasion. it costs 95$

* A 3 hour River Nile safari with a minimum of 2 people at 105$

We opted for the hour long Kyabirwa Village Safari at 55$ inclusive of protective clothing and refreshments. I must say I found the whole thing intimidating at first but once you get the engine good and revved up its pretty epic. The views over there are incredible and downright distracting if like me you have a short attention span. From this alone I reaffirmed my no driving stance. I did crash into some crops along the way, got stuck in a ditch like crevice and almost turned over once and twice but boy did I have a good time! At some point everyone else went ahead of me since I was slowing them down. With me and one of the guides at the back and knowing I wasn’t going to maim anyone I went all speed racer on that track or at least I think I did. Who knows what I actually looked like. I did give it a good go though.

Was quad biking great fun? Yes! Is it worth every penny? Yes! Will it leave you good and sore?Yes, what great activity doesn’t?! Will I do it again? Mos def! Which is saying something as I’m normally a love it and leave it type person.