Aug 17
  • Indonesia


Driving down Sunset road heading to our Villa in Seminyak,it's pretty clear this is a posh area.Fashion boutiques,villa hotels,tattoo shops and lots of different restaurants line the very clean and immaculate streets,The air here smells divine on account of all the Hindu incense placed with the beautiful colourful offerings called Canang Sari,to the gods.

It took us about an hour to get to Putu Bali Villa,our hotel for the next four nights.This place! We couldn't have picked a better place to end the holiday. Ours being a two bedroom villa,Annelie and Sammy took the upstairs bit while I bunked with Hattie in the downstairs suite,the Internet was a bit shitty but bearable.After what felt like a four hour shower, hot water having never felt so good, We made a plan for dinner and what to do next.

Right across the street is Bonita restaurant a nice comfortable looking joint.The food took a while to arrive but when it did that Beef Rendaang was heavely,the milkshake not so much,

We were somewhat tired from the boat journey from hell and weren't really looking to do anything crazy,so we walked down the road about 2 minutes to this Jazz bar The Pink Cat.We paid a cover charge to the lounge area as they had a guest musician playing and settled in for some cocktails,they do this ginger mojito that is everything .

The lounge has that dark,smoky vibe.The ceiling and walls are lined with photos of jazz greats .The place only had about 8 patrons when we arrived,about an hour in,it was just us left.

Hattie bonded quite a bit with the jazz guy and even had a go at the drums.What do you know,she actually can play a beat or two.I learn something new everyday!

We stayed at this place well into the dead of night,it felt like we had a private jazz performance all to ourselves.If this was any indication of how much fun Seminyak was going to be,I was sold.We got back at about Midnight and passed out.


Since we had an excursion packed day we got up nice and early,at about 8am to get ready and have breakfast.The bed was the most comfortable place ever and getting up was a real struggle.Breakfast was a real treat,I had a good heavy cheesy,eggy,sausage croissant situation that left me contented.

Our driver Made(common name among Indonesian men,kind of like John) is a really pleasant man who made the whole journey feel like a tour as he kept giving us little tit bits of information here and there.It was Indonesia's 72nd Independence Day,the streets were liked with their flag,with lots of people out and about celebrating .

Our first stop was Padang-Padang beach,made world famous for its portrayal in the Julia Roberts' movie Eat,Pray,Love.Never watched it and can't see myself doing so ever.

It's a beautiful beach,different from any I've been to.It's got magnificent rocks by the sand and a cave likeness going on.I liked it.Thing is though,the heat! And honestly 30 minutes in I was over it.I did some shopping for sarongs then headed to the deep recesses of the cave for assured shade.

We left Padang shortly after that for Single Fin restaurant with it's incredible view.It was cool seeing all the surfers in the distance,I don't know if I'll ever try it as paddle boarding proved that I should stay as far away from surf boards as possible!

Our last excursion of the day was the Uluwatu Temple.Going in Made gave us the low down on the monkeys herebeing  super aggressive so we should leaves sunglasses and anything shiny in the car. For good measure,Hattie had a stick,brandishing it like a sword to protect us from evil monkeys.Funny yes,but luckily we didn't encounter any .At the entrance all visitors are given purple cloth wraps with an orange sash,I guess so we can be decent in the eyes of the gods.Good shout as my short  shorts had a mind of their own that evening.

The temple is a thing of ancient beauty,we weren't allowed inside and could only peer in.The cliff side was something out of a movie scene! we lingered for an hour or so taking pictures and enjoying the view.Also,for the sake of story telling,I saw some monkeys getting it on ,It did not look gentle!

The whole thing had me thinking of the Jungle Book ,one of my all time favorite books.

We left just before sunset as traffic tends to get crazy around here at that hour,as amazing as the sunset would have been,it wasn't worth being stuck in traffic for numerous hours on end.It being Annelie's last night,we decided to get all glammed up for a night on the town.

Seminyak really has it going on in the party scene.For starters we hit up Motel Mexicola for dinner.Interesting Mexican theme they've got going,the music was good and had people going ape shit on the dance floor.I ordered the Chorizo quesadillas,what came my way however was beef,no worries because that was some of the most delicious food I'd had in a moment.

I enjoyed Mexicola's pink lights and crazy vibe.we didn't stay for drinks as the cocktails are pretty pricey although Seminyak is a pricey town all together,you've got to dig deep in those pockets to live here I reckon.

We then walked down to Sea Vu Play.From what I saw,it's got a Hawaiian vibe going on.As we walked in,the waitresses put Leis around our necks,a nice touch I thought.Those flowers smelt heavenly.Music was good,surprised they had Jamaican music playing.Their ginger Mojitos were everything!

Last stop for the night was Ku De Ta, a really great beach resort.The place had a beach party,dubbed the White Party happening Friday,it would have been great to go but with acts like Basement Jaxx,I shuddered to think how much those tickets would cost,and didn't bother while I was at it.

The view here ...honestly just when I think I've seen some views another pops up!The waves looked like you could reach out and touch them,I mean I'm sure you'd drown trying but the beach,pool,cabanas all made for a beautiful sight.The cocktails were strong!

I anticipated being hangover and accepted my fate whole heartedly.Very expensive place but worth the trip.We left,walking back to our villa,getting harassed and cat called by bored with nothing to do cabbies,having had a very good night out!



With Annelie gone,it was just moi,Sammy and Hattie for two more nights.We got up just in time for breakfast,and made plans to go shopping for souvenirs and stuff,

Shopping took about 2 hours, we started off with Seminyak square,which was pretty underwhelming when I thought about it,the only highlight was meeting this guy that does LONTAR, An ancient Balinese culture of engraving manuscripts on Lontar Palms leaves.Done right,the process takes about 10 days to get done as the artistry is very intricate.These manuscripts last for a maximum 100 years!We each got little plaques,with our names in both English and Balinese engraved on them.I went with the Surname,it would be nice to be remembered 100 years from now.

We then hit up the Flea market,passing the Canang Sari offerings everywhere we went,the incense that burns off them leaves the streets smelling divine!I don't know what I was expecting from a flea market but this was more like an organized African village type thing to me,Very cool.Prices are still high but you can haggle down as best you can.

Shopping good and done,we had lunch then went back to the villa to chill by the pool,soon it was night time which meant party time!After pre drinking vodka and playing cards,We had happy hour at the Bull bar next to the villa. Their banana daiquiris are the thing of art! They had a live singer who was very good,the amount of talent out here never leaves you disappointed.

The Jazz bar we hit up on our first night in Seminyak was next,we had so many cocktails!about 8 each or something that nearly cleaned us all out!For Sammy,majority of this night is hazy as hell,I'm sure I'm missing several minutes as well but I'll recollect as best as I can.La Favela club,which we sauntered off to next is a very popular spot and as such was jam packed! But we got in there anyway,

The dance floor had all sorts of things going on,at some point I remember dancing with this taller than life guy when suddenly,there he was trying to stick his had down,in and around my shorts,unfortunately or fortunately for whoever was involved,Boo Hoo's high wasted shorts are tighter than dried leather and not to be trifled with,I got away unscathed while he wondered off to explore more lady bits I'm sure. so inappropriate.We were there a while just dancing to the great DJ till we decided to leave for another club,

I have never really enjoyed the club scene,I'm happy with a pub or bar any day,I guess it's just one of those things where you get to say you've been and that's that.

We got bikes,something I'd wanted to do all holiday long,gave them specific details of where we were going and set off.I enjoyed being on that thing immensely until we all collectively noticed we'd somehow ended up in Canggu,a completely different suburb if you will, there we were in some dark corner with only lone dogs shagging just wondering about life!

We asked them to take us someplace we could dance,they obliged and took us to Hacienda.There wasn't much going on and with the alcohol kicking in,we left,got a taxi and lo and behold,he literally drove us 2 minutes to the villa, we blatantly refused to pay full price as that's entrapment as far as I'm concerned,we got out and skipped off in search of food as we were ravenous,his cries declaring Bull shit falling on drunk ears.

Oh and yeah we never did find that food.

Saturday being our last day,we woke up hangover as hell,went for breakfast then went right back to sleep!

We didn't get up till 3pm,I decided to pack.At about 4 we left for La Laguna(post pending)

Returning,we were too tired to actually go out galavanting and decided to have one drink at Bull Bar,before heading off to sleep,mostly cause Sammy and Hattie had to leave in 3 hours.My flight was at 10:30pm so I had a day to myself doing nothing really.

Bali,you are amazing! I've enjoyed every waking moment with you! There wasn't a single dull second!Indonesians are some of the friendliest,most inviting people I've ever encountered.Girl's,you are the best traveling companions ever,let's do this again.Maybe I'll get to see you again Indonesia.till then,