Aug 19
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Last Saturday.Ghile,Ines,Dre and I made our way down to Dungu resort in Munyonyo for the Shorts Na Leesu event.I saw the flyer on Instagram and thought ‘Yap' this looks like something I’d enjoy seeing as Nonso Amadi’s a pretty good singer and features heavily in my daily playlists.

Dubbed ShoNaLe,tickets to the event were 50,000ugx for early birds and 80,000ugx at the door. The event was sponsored by MTN,Sparkles salon,Mona Faces, Radio city and Ciroc Vodka.

After a very enjoyable car ride with some serious carpool karaoke that left us breathing heavily(you can never go wrong with Mr.World Wide Pitbull) we stumbled upon the resort and got through security relatively easily. Dungu is vast open space type resort that at 5 pm was already occupied by a decent sized crowd growing steadily by the minute.From the entrance the main stage was to the far right while different vendors including a cocktail bar,food tents with mostly rolex stands,hot dogs&submarines . A sitting area,face painting and a few clothing stalls were at the far left leaving the vast middle occupied by people chilling,dancing and all that.

The vibe was pretty good. The DJ sets were good and the cocktails particularly the ‘Leesu Karma’ were just how I like them. They didn’t skimp on the vodka.I thank them for that.As darkness fell, the MC’s for the night came on signaling the performances were starting. Have to say I wasn’t particularly feeling their MC’ing. They went on way too long about the most random things, something about how millennials are truly the answer to everything...... it was a lot and the whole getting the crowd to chant their names was a little much. 

The first act was Larry the Rapper, I remember the name so well because it reminds me of Larry the Lobster. I’ll give the guy a B for effort.If he sticks with it and does put some effort into honing his chosen craft maybe something will give.The next act was the 4 Homies. They were good, very Rae Sremmurd and the whole trap genre esque.I imagine there was someone after them, not sure. I was in hot pursuit of more cocktails that were getting harder to get what with the crowd and only one bartender making them.Still the quality of my drinks never wavered.

Lamu performed and really had the crowd going. I liked her outfit. Lagum did his thing as well, he’s become a staple at kampala events.I’m happy for him, he’s good at his craft.Then the DJ was back and had us all breaking a sweat.I love dancing! I don’t do it nearly as much as I should anymore so I’m surprised my bad knees let me go as low as I did.It was fun.As the night went on,the event took on a house party,Nakumatt parking lot circa 2007 ( yes, I’m a veteran) type vibe. Then it all suddenly went limp.A fight broke out, short but brutal and the DJ set just wasn’t doing it anymore. Just when we though it couldn’t get any worse, some dude started doing karaoke with the live band. Now I know I didn’t leave my house to come listen to some guy ruin Micheal Jackson for me. They lost me at this point 

Many a time,this event felt like the organizers were having their own private party, had asked their friends to come entertain them and we’d all been suckered into paying for it.

Eventually, hours too late the main attraction of the night Nonso Amadi came on. I was determined to salvage my night so with Ghile to the left, we shuffled in to the front and had a really good view of the performance.He did his hits like Tonight, a few new ones that I’m guessing are off his EP and some of what he said were his favorite songs; Burna Boy’s On the Low and Joe Boy’s Baby.Nice!

He was off key at some points. Something was messing him up but quite honestly I didn’t care, I know the man can sing.my favorite bit was him paying tribute to Mowzey Radio singing the Neera chorus.It was lovely. That song will forever be one of the most beautiful songs ever written. He finished off his brief performance with No Crime. We all sang along and waved hands till it was over.The crew went to the club while I went home.Shorts Na Leesu had its moments.I’d say I had a relatively good time. I got to dance, sang along to a one Nonso and my cocktails were good.

I can’t comment on the food as I didn’t eat any but everyone around me seemed happy with it.Perhaps more food and drink vendors to cater for such large crowds can be taken into consideration next time. Will I grace another one? Probably not but that being said I imagine Sho Na Le will be continue on.