Aug 17
  • Restaurants


After spending a particularly hot  as hell afternoon at that 'Eat,Pray,Love' Padang-Padang beach, We; Hattie,Sammy,Annelie and I  decided to grab lunch at Single Fin,a popular restaurant and tourist destination.Once you arrive it's clear to see why people come in droves,Single Fin has one of the most beautiful panoramic views out there,360 degrees of beautiful blue ocean!

Getting a table in the shade took a while as the place is jam packed at lunch time.We did eventually grab a counter downstairs.It wasn't the most ideal area as this random smell seemed to emanating from parts unknown however the view was worth it!

Skipping starters as I wasn't that hungry,I had the Thai beef salad and pineapple juice while the girls' all had different pizzas.The food took a while,about 45 minutes or longer.I don't know,I wandered off to take pictures and visit the bathrooms.The bathrooms were very clean and smelt so good,like fragrant spices,I loved it! I wondered where that smell was coming from,it sure wasn't from here.

I got back just in time for the food. The pizzas looked good with large enough portions,I wouldn't have finished one by myself.

The salad;the beef strips were dry with extreme burnt ends , which I'm guessing were meant to be charred . Also I could have used more strips.That being said the rest of it was very tasty,whatever that dressing was,it was good,plentiful as well.

It was a good experience with a world class view,good music and grade B food.