Jan 20
  • Kenya


Watamu being the final leg of my coast holiday I looked forward to relaxing and resting my weary sun poached forehead some place nice those last three days. Looking on AirBnB I found a nice little place, secured it and went about my life. Then my reservation got cancelled and ruined my day. Going back to the drawing board I found another place overlooking the creek with breakfast included and thought, ''yap. this will do''. Arriving at Temple Point I was shook! Very pleasantly shook! The place is a full blown resort. I thought I was getting a nice room in a B&B but no, I hit the mother load with this one.

The welcome juice at the reception confirmed this for me. I hold this firm belief that one’s stay at a hotel is about to be an epic one if they hit you with a nice cold beverage on your way in. I’m yet to be proven wrong. The villa style resort is huge with two salt water pools, a private beach, trampoline, table tennis area lots of organized excursions and a gym. Initially I was given the wrong room ,one overlooking the garden but after a quick inquiry I was shown to my creek view room. Much nicer and spacious. I think my favorite bit was the bathroom. I loved that shower! It had hot water and everything. I mean sure it’s hot as balls here and I’m not going to indulge but I like having option. The water pressure was divine. I could have spent my whole life pruning in there.

The one pitfall about the room was the coffee and tea sachets provided for. i am a copious user of said things as I enjoy a nice coffee before I sleep. these were sadly mold ridden. Not because of poor cleaning, I believe it’s the humidity that renders them in such condition. this isn’t so much to criticize but to remind tou to always check on them before you consume them. for instance a few days earlier in Mombasa I consumed expired creamer that left me feeling gross for a better part of a day. the resort staff replaced mine super quick and that was that.

The food here is great. The buffet spread isn’t one to be trifled with! As I was only on a bed and breakfast plan and not full board, meals were 1500Kshs for lunch and 2000Kshs for dinner. It’s worth it I tell you. they really had me at the grilled octopus. The cocktails were equally great. a little pricey but then again which resort isn’t? They do happy hour from 5pm to 6pm.No Mojito, Capirinha and Dawa were left untouched.

Those three nights were some of the best I’ve had on holiday. By the time I left I was incredibly relaxed, well rested, happy but most importantly unclenched. Temple Point, thank you… just thank you! Watamu, I’ll be seeing you again. I hope you’re still as obsessed with me as I will always be with you.