I first set foot in Africa in April 2015. I was sent by my company to Senegal/Burkina Faso for a 2-year training program. We have a subsidiary in Dakar but I’m going to have my training from Burkina Faso. I have a FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) contract. What it means is that I work for 9 weeks then go for vacation for 3 weeks.

I never felt so home sick before. Not because I miss my family or whatnot but because I miss our Food. Now, I’m currently based in Kampala, Uganda. Lucky for me, Uganda has a handful of Asian Restaurants where I can get my weekly Asian Food fix.

I know eating at an Asian Restaurant for Ugandans (or any other nationalities not really familiar with Asian cuisine) can be really intimidating. I learned that from my Ugandan friends who were always scared when I invite them for some Japanese. Worry no more because I’m going to feature someone me of my favorite Asian restaurants in Kampala. (And what to order for a seamless Asian cuisine experience) Disclaimer: These are just some of my personal preferences. If you’re favorites are not part of this list, don’t come at me.

Japanese: Yamasen

Yujo  Izakaya is our go-to place if we want to devour some sushi and rice bowls. But ever since I was introduced to Yamasen, my perception of Yujo changed. Okay, to make things clear Yujo is still one of my favorite Japanese restaurants. They have great food and the vibe is different but Yamasen is on another level. According to my Japanese colleague, their food is the most authentic compared to other restaurants in Kampala. Their process is promising too. A bit steep but that’s what to expect if you want fresh ingredients on your food.

What to order: Sushi tasting platter, Rich Matcha Gateau au Chocolat, Tempura

Honorable mention: Yujo Izakaya

Thai: Chokh Di Thai Restaurant

Discovered this restaurant through Trip advisor. The appearance of the restaurant is not much but they really serve good food. I’ve already eaten here at least seven times since March. The restaurant mostly cater to deliveries and take away but they have a sitting area just in case you want to dine-in. The place feels like a rural province in Thailand. They have another branch on Main Street in Jinja. The Thai owner is very jolly and friendly too. She travels between the two restaurants and might even cook your food when she’s around.

What to order: Pad Thai (with beef or chicken), Chicken Satay and Fried Rice

Chinese/Korean: Arirang Restaurant

So this is very tricky because there’s a bunch of Chinese restaurants in Kampala. I personally love Arirang. They have a very spacious dining area and very speedy service. If you’re into Korean BBQ (DIY), they have it here also. Hotpot is also available for UGX70,000 excluding drinks. They have a massive menu selection for all kinds of meat, vegetables, noodles, and sea food. The prices are very affordable so you get more for less.

What to order: Fried dumplings, Korean BBQ, kimchi, sweat and sour pork/chicken, fried rice, bibimbap

Various Asian Cuisine: Tamarai Restaurant

If you want an all-around experience, Tamarai is  the place to be. They have dishes from all around Asia. Vietnamese, Thai, Singaporean, Indian, you name it they have it there. The ambiance is very nice also. It feels like a restaurant in Indonesia. The feels and the decorations resonate Asia. The prices are a bit on the high side but it’s worth it.

What to order: Seafood laksa, Pad thai, Spring rolls.

I just realized that I still have a lot of Asian Restaurants in Kampala to try. Maybe I’ll do a part two when I get the chance.