Dec 20
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It's been said you never forget your first! I know I haven’t. I remember my first rainbow, coffee,first real vacation and many more wonderful events over the years.I’ve also had some unmitigated disastrous ones; the first and last time I had a Pepsi ,looking at yams and deciding I would never put that in my mouth, the complete foolery that was my first kiss…so many great sources of amusement for me today.

In keeping with the theme that is firsts I will always remember where and who I was with the first time I had sushi! It was love at first taste and since then I try to indulge in that wonderful starchy raw goodness as often as I can. Last week I received an invitation from Chef Allan of Tamarai Restaurant to try out their new sushi menu. Tamarai Restaurant has been churning out some of the best Thai food Kampala has to offer for years now so the addition of a sushi bar is music to my ears and mouth. The Bar offers appetizers, salads, Sashimi, Nigiri and dessert sushi all at very affordable prices. The Nigiri ranging between 18,000ugx and 45,000ugx while the Sashimi (raw fish) ranges between 20,000ugx and 80,000ugx.

Open from 8am to 8pm I arrived at the restaurant at midday and was ushered to the sushi bar section. Chef Allan is a very jovial individual who always has a smile when talking to you. I felt very welcome. We conversated about random things while he prepped for the day.

To start we had the Crazy Crunchy Kanimaki; crab, lettuce, cucumber, avocado and sesame seeds with an incredible crunchy topping that is oh so delicious! I hadn’t had crab sushi before this but believe me this is going to be a staple from now on. Chef Allan allowed us into the kitchen where I got to watch him make the sushi.It was such a fun experience. Next, we had the Sweet Aloha Maki; salmon, prawns, cucumber, lettuce, mango and a sweet sauce. The salmon was some of the nicest I’ve had in a while. Tamarai imports its Seafood frozen fresh from Mombasa once a week which would explain how vibrant and tasty it is.

For the entrée, we had pork ribs with vegetable fried rice. The ribs were deep fried resulting in a really crunchy, moist and juicy rib! They were so good, I could have used some more sauce on them though. Alright maybe not a bathtub full so I can soak in it as I did in my imagination but maybe enough to coat the ribs. I was left craving more! The rice was fluffy and vegetables crunchy.

Dessert was a real kicker and chef’s favorite, a marshmallow sushi creation that you can only find here.it was the perfect way to end the scrumptious experience. If you like rice pudding you’ll definitely love this.

I Had the most incredible sushi experience at Tamarai, the food was delicious, impeccably seasoned and left me good and stuffed. the mojitos are equally great. Chef Allan is doing incredible things over there. You should give it a chance.For those interested in trying sushi for the first time, the California Maki would be a nice introduction to this wonderful delicacy.my absolute favorite was the Crazy Crunchy Kani Maki. That crunch was a type of goodness you need to try out! Thank you so much Tamarai for having me. I’m looking forward to making this my go to sushi haunt.

PS. Do wear light clothing on your visit,the glare from the sun particularly in the afternnon leaves the bar section pretty hot,I was told they were working on a solution as soon as possible.