I absolutely LOVE me a Spa day!its up there with Oxygen and most treats in my life,I don't over indulge so each experience is anticipated and grand.I go about twice or thrice a year my birthday being an absolute must and go all out!

As a creature of habit,I found one spa about 3 years ago and I've been going religiously ever since.The Vanilla Spa.

It's a beautiful African decor filled space,clean,neat,smells divine,with soft music in the background and dimly lit massage rooms.very conducive to relaxation.oh I like a dark room!

The owner Sheeba is such a friendly warm individual,on all the occasions i bump into her,she's always jolly.

My friend Arnie got me a gift voucher that granted me 4 treatments,A hot stone massage,Full body Vanilla scrub,Dead Sea facial and body wax.It was a under arm wax so fortunately (or unfortunately for the odd freak on here)I will not be beguiling you with stories of my freshly waxed lady bits.....yet!

I arrived at the spa at about 11 am,The vanilla spa has recently expanded into interior design offering Bedding,linen,couch pillows all with African design aspects.very beautiful.after checking out the reception with all the great decor,I got ushered into my room for the day.

We started off with the body scrub,my masseuse for the day was Claire,lovely girl, who did a good job thoroughly scrubbing every available bit of me,much appreciated after dealing with this dusty Republic of ours on a daily,the scrub is warm,smells divine and feels incredible on the hour later,even babies would be jealous of my skin.

Going to the shower,I loved how it's lined with rose petals.the water temp is just right! Every time I'm here I always make a mental note to go look for whatever shower gel they've got here,it is the one! I need this gel in my life permanently,but once I leave I always forget!

The towels!!!!!!!I've never experienced a softer towel in my life! I'm looking into these once I'm shopping for new linen and towels.

Next was the hot stone massage,I sat for a few minutes waiting for her to set up enjoying my freshly scrubbed skin,I feel nice,if I do say so myself.

I asked Claire to turn up the music a little bit,smooth jazz,those songs you are guaranteed to hear at everything African graduation,wedding reception or party of any kind,particularly when it's time to hit the buffet! You know the ones....I know you do.

I always opt for hot stone massages,maybe I'll venture into something else some other time but these do it for me,the massage oil glided like something else and as I lay there my face squashed in that head rest thing trying my best not to drool in the rose water bowl below(good shout by the way),I had the most random thoughts in between dozing off , what is this massage oil made of? Angel sweat?How funny would it be if we could watch everyone's facial expressions from below the head rest?the rest escape me......

Those stones are super hot! I have a new found respect for anyone that handles these things!the combination of the oil and hot stones being run up and down my general back area is hands down one of the most satisfying feeling,on one hand I'm thinking,ohhh it's going to burn,but Claire expertly runs them across so fast by the time she's done,they've cooled.

I've had this random knot in my ass from a particularly paralyzingly beating a one Aunt Gertrude bestowed on me in boarding school oh so forever ago. I've tried it all in an attempt to get rid of it.It's just with me for life at this point,like this bump behind my ear from a hornet's sting when I was 8.I realize now all my injuries came with some kind of adventure attachment to them.I could have sworn the knot has loosened somewhat,that's how good this massage was!my behind is very grateful.

The whole experience took about an hour.

Rather than let me jump into the shower to wash off the oil,Claire proceeded straight away with the final treatments,the facial and wax.just as well,it was so hot outside,I was showering when I got home anyway I decided.

Facials are necessary in my life yeah,the part I'm not that excited about is the feels like ones being dry water boarded.but it's bearable in my opinion.cleansed and all,the zit popping was definitely painful.when I was done,I felt like I looked a little rough around the hairline where a had a zit or 3 but my face was smooth.

Once I got the cool looking blue mask going,Claire informed me we'd be doing the waxing while my mask dried.

Never done a wax before,I'm all about the shaver life.i really should have mentioned this was my first go but,I thought,nah....let's make this interesting.why I continue to do things like this to myself I will never know!

As she applied the hot wax,she blew on the applied area,nice,then she got the cloth on it,getting it all over my armpit area and grabbing onto my boob for a firm grip,(I found all this very funny and was distracted from bracing myself for the world of hurt coming my way) ripped the cloth off in one swoop!

A micro second of silence,an 'ouch' cry,I burst out laughing so hard,cause really I couldn't think of a different reaction,that was painful people! She asked if I was alright and wether this was my first go? To which I replied affirmatively and we spent a couple of seconds laughing before moving on to the next pit.I really don't know what I was expecting but,yeah when I do decide to have a bikini wax,the adventure will be real,the right armpit was alright.

When all was said and done,she applied healing balm of sorts that smelt like "Chapambalasi". Spellings may vary.

" Chapambalasi is a medicinal balm every household in the last decade definitely had in abundant supply,I've found it's pretty scarce lately. it "cured" it all,headaches,the flu,soreness,aches.together with Vicks Kingo,a fire lozenge all other lozenges on the planet aspire to be that has also since disappeared,they were used to treat everything that wasn't malaria."

Very nostalgic smell.takes me back.She then applied something that I knew had to be Aloe Vera based from the smell.very soothing on my bruised pits.

Once done,she finished the facial and I was done for the day.In all I was done by 2:00pm.

I was then offered some delicious ginger tea,not a tea fan but every once in a while,especially with ginger involved,I'm came in a beautiful Wooden pot with animal engraving.some groundnuts on the side made for a perfect treat.roasted groundnuts are the truth! Also,I've got a free treatment on my next visit. Yay!!!!!

Vanilla Spa! You are great as always.Thank you Claire for a wonderful pampering experience,I'll be back soonest.x