Saturday rolled in and the wedding was here. We spent majority of the morning getting ready. Along with Tash and Mama Sabuni, Jonas’s mum. I  headed to the church that was nearby, the bridesmaids arrived much later, when that bit was done, we all headed to  the Jangwani beach area, the White Sands beach hotel so the bridal party could take photos, beautiful place. I wouldn’t mind a holiday here in the future, Before we left, we had an ice cream break from a bicycle stand outside.

We set off for the wedding reception venue, there was a cocktail set up with drinks and soup of sorts as a starter, Tash suggested I try Zanzi a liqueur similar to Amarula but so much better, this was the beginning of our sloshed journey.

We got a table with Jonas, his brother Jasper, Dawn ,one of the cousins Ben and a couple I didn't really bother to get to know and we turned up the party, we would often get up and dance near the table hooting, hollering and just having a grand old time, the dancing was moved to the central stage area but I went back to my seat sooner as the Zanzi was calling, Tash and I had a bottle to ourselves. Dinner was served, Cake was cut and with time the beautiful day's festivities came to an end. It truly was a beautiful, well organized wedding.

Dawn suggested we hit the club, Tash, Jonas, Magobo and Ben went on first and I came along with Bariki. It was so much fun, we drank, danced and kept it going for hours, hands down one of the best nights I've had. We left at about 4 am, hoping to just grab our stuff from Changa and head to Golani but best laid plans.......we found ourselves waking up in good old Changanyikenyi.

The next day, we left for Golan in the afternoon, to grab our luggage, sadly Tash was flying out and I was going to grab a hotel room for my last days there.Jonas, G, Ray and Davido drove us to the airport and after a light burger meal we said bye to Tash and off she went, it was sad seeing her go, I’d spent so much time with her I was so used to having her around.

We then drove into town to the Rainbow Hotel where I’d once stayed in 2014 on my way to Zanzibar, we parked somewhere and decided to walk and find the place, with G on directions duty, we totally got lost! But I didn't mind, it was great walking around Dar, seeing all the hotels, bus stops and ferry ports. We did find it eventually; I waited in reception while the boys brought the luggage.

The hotel room I was initially given was more or less a broom closet, the pillows had some old and clearly going nowhere type stains and that duvet was super suspect looking. I was having none of it. I complained at reception, they tried to tell me the room was clean and there was nothing they could do about the stains, on top of that, the light in the bathroom didn’t work!

At this point they switched my room, a serious improvement from the first one, why they didn't just give me this one in the first place I’ll never know. Never settle for crap people, especially if you’re paying for it.

I was very happy and cozy and after a much needed, hot shower I jumped in my clean bed with my trusted bottle of Konyagi by my side, watched some television, a movie with Daniel Day Lewis, that man is Fine! Before dozing off.

I was rudely awoken 9 am that Monday morning, my last day in Dar by a screeching “Housekeeping" call, after about 40 seconds of me trying to get my bearings I told her to come back later.I was up so I showered and went down for breakfast, nothing fancy so I won’t dwell.

At about 2 pm,I ventured out hunting for lunch, the intended target being Subway.I walked around a bit, eventually grabbing a bike to Diamond plaza where I indulged in a delectable 6 inch turkey Sub, I picked up a meatball sub for later. I then went and got my nails done as chipped nail polish is a major no in my book.

Once back at the hotel, I took the elevator to my room, we stopped at the first floor for the lady in with me to get off, just as I was pushing the button, the power gave out and in my confused state took a minute to realize what was happening, the lady shouted for me to get out, which I did in  a nick of time. I heard the loudest bang as the doors shut,!phew! I was about to be the star of final destination 6 free of charge.

After a nice relaxing couple of hours, Jonas came by so we could hang one more time. We went to Coco beach with Ray and G, this time though; the mihogo just wasn't that good. Davido was at a birthday party and asked us to swing by, Interesting affair that party.

I was up at 5 am the next day to head to the airport, thankfully the hotel has a shuttle service so that was sorted, my journey home was very uneventful,  Went through duty free, slept through both flights and finally at 1 pm,I was home.

John and Bertha, thank you for including me in your special journey. I wish you all the happiness in the world.


Natasha, it was real, I hope to see you again real soon.