I didn't really know what to expect flying with Ethiopian Air,you here so many stories sometimes.So as I booked this flight,my only option,I tried to have  zero expectations.

I like to not hold my breath in most cases that way when things work out,I'm good and happy.

That being said,I liked the flight,not as roomy but enough,I sat next to this lovely Ethiopian couple,their kids were in the seats directly opposite,their eldest son was a looker.

I absolutely love me some eye candy on a flight.

The food was good,coffee hot  and those flight attendant sure are beautiful.The inflight entertainment was a Nigerian movie that looked interesting but I was all about my play list.

Sadly I couldn't drink this time round as I was on medication, watching those wine bottles pass me by was painful.

I did however make a Note to self; Get white boy wasted the flight back!  (80%chance of fruition) For now though, pineapple juice, give me love!nourish me!


The sky over Ethiopia was relatively cloudy but when I did get a glimpse of the moon,boy was it shiny,it almost looked like I could stretch my hand and grab it,dreams!

With all the lights on down below,I couldn't help but feel a tad bit anxious, which didn't really make sense,I wasn't exactly going out into the country.just the airport.I guess it suddenly hit me I was far from home and would only be going further,

I thought of all the people below,different tribes,languages,customs,food from mine.

Ethiopia is on my to do list so hopefully one of these months I'll come check it out.


Some once described Bole International Airport Addis Abbas as a market place,a lot of chaos and shouting left,right and center came to mind as I tried to visualize that description,being there  however,I begged to differ!

Is it jam packed? Sure, but that airport is super organized,everything seemed straight forward to me,terminals clearly marked and staff at hand to point you in whatever direction you needed to go.That announcement system however is a joke! Y'all are playing on that front aren't you?

Don't waste your time relying on that,read the monitors.


Transit waiting time was about 2 hours which went by slow but I did pass the time writing this. Also after all that waiting and queuing for a good 18 minutes, we were told the flight was delayed for 40 minutes, but by the end of it it was way more! very frustrating,I didn't want to miss out on any of the Singapore activities I was planning on doing as most of them were time sensitive.All we could do was wait.


These two Italian dudes sitting nearby where singing on of those "Hakuna Matata " (if you didn't watch Timon and Pumba, you weirdo....the statement means No Worries.) songs, sarcastically I'm sure at the situation,

I was too tired to find it funny as the delay  growing by the minute was definitely a Matata situation if I ever saw one!

Flight delays are a given in life but they sure are a colossal bitch.

Also the WiFi didn't work,bummer!


Finally at about 11:45pm,we got onto the shuttle taking us to the plane,in there I met another Ugandan,Isaac,nice guy with great conversation,we hit it off and talked about different things while waiting for the damn shuttle to go,eventually we did set off, boarded the plane and I started to make myself comfortable.

Suddenly Isaac comes my way,telling me we are on the wrong plane!

Apparently the shuttle driver drove us to the wrong one! Like really,!

Those around me heard what had transpired and we all got up in a huff and evacuated the scene immediately!

Had Isaac not come to our rescue,my behind  would have needed up in Bangkok!

There are no words to describe how screwed I would have been!Honestly   What are the chances we would have been sorted out promptly? Honestly the only way I could have afforded to get to where I needed to be was if I'd become an instant mail order bride or organ donor.

This is a proper lesson in life,you have to read the fine print like Isaac!

Thank you Isaac! Thank you.

Eventually,we did get on the right plane,and set off at about 12:20am!

Seated  there,10 hour flight ahead of me,very comfortable,the blanket provided by the airline keeping me warm,(I like how they come all plastic wrapped, it reassures me it's clean,imagine ending up with some random skeet blanket! Yuck! Why do I think of such things!?), Lots of leg room,reclined AF seat as there's no one seated behind me, ignoring this random child that keeps screaming for its mama every 4 minutes, (I mean she's right there little one,what is your problem!?). I wondered wether heads (specifically shuttle driver's head) would roll over the incident that caused delays on a number of fronts, or would this be a "This is Africa "situation  and as such keep it moving people type thing? Ahh Ethiopian Air,you've got drama haven't you? I wonder what will happen on the journey back!


Getting some shut eye just wasn't happening,I was up for a few hours before nodding off,the inflight entertainment good as it was proved useless once I tried to watch Assassins Creed but the sound didn't work at all!  With the  lack of sleep,I spent most of the time looking out the window,the tinted window situation this plane has going on has this super cool effect on the skyline. It kept changing color,pink,orange,purple and finally a glorious blue.For a second there after a powerful nap I thought this was a natural occurrence but soon remembered it was just the effect.

It was pretty beautiful, in an alternate universe type way.